[11.12.09] Shin Hyesung to form duos with Eric, Junjin for concert… Anticipation for Shinhwa’s impending comeback

Eric and Junjin will be making special guest appearances at Shin Hyesung’s concert.

Shin Hyesung will be holding his concert titled ‘2011~2012 SHINHYESUNG CONCERT-THE YEAR’S JOURNEY’on 30th and 31st Dec at the Yonsei University main auditorium, featuring fellow Shinhwa members Eric and Junjin as special guests.

For the 30th performance, Shin Hyesung will be taking to the stage with Eric. Although they have performed on countless stages as Shinhwa, this is the first time they’re teaming up. They will be performing a live rendition of Shin Hyesung’s ‘Hello and Goodbye’. Eric’s uniquely sweet rap and Shin Hyesung’s emotional vocals will make a fantastic harmony.

On the 31st, Shin Hyesung will be forming a duo with Junjin to re-form ‘The Birds’, a duo that first appeared during Shin Hyesung’s first solo concert and earned an overwhelming response from fans.

Shin Hyesung and Junjin are already affectionately known as Mommy Bird and Baby Bird among Shinhwa fans, the news of the re-teaming of ‘The Birds’ have raised much interest and anticipation as to what kind of surprise performance and songs they will be performing for this concert.

Shin Hyesung said, “This whole time I’ve been doing performances by myself during this time and I haven’t performed together with Shinhwa members in a long while. Even as I get excited just thinking about it, I’m feeling very reassured. I’m very thankful to Eric and Junjin for taking time off their busy schedules to participate in the concert. I’m very happy to be able to spend the end of this year with the members.”

Credits: TV Report + Absolut Shinhwa


★GUEST Schedule
Dec 30th: Eric+Hye Sung
Dec 31st: JUNJIN+Hye Sung
★ ShinHyeSung Concert info.
◎ Schedule :
8:00pm (Fri.) Dec. 30th, 2011
10:00pm (Sat.) Dec. 31st, 2011

◎ Place : The Main Hall at the Yonsei Univ.
◎ Ticket Reservation : only available at Interpark Ticket
(http://ticket.interpark.com/Ticket) 1544-1555
◎ Ticket Price : All seats are reserved

◎ Planned&Produced by : SHOWNOTE, CJ E&M
◎ Cooperated with : LIVEWORKS COMPANY
◎ Contact : SHOWNOTE (02-3485-8700)

Credits: Liveworks Facebook page

10 thoughts on “[11.12.09] Shin Hyesung to form duos with Eric, Junjin for concert… Anticipation for Shinhwa’s impending comeback

  1. OMG my heart is beating faster…they are doing things together finally and tthe next year all Shinhwa will be together on stage ahhhhh but first Jindy in strong heart and now in Hyesung´s concert junjin and eric…This is a perfect gift for the end of the year. Thanks for sharing this info

  2. Great ! super ! I am going to the concert on 30.12.,I will be seenig not only Hyesung, now with Eric what can I wish for the new year.Its a perfect gift I love seeing Hyesung in live performance, its awesome.I’ve seen him in Japan and this is the first time in Seoul.My regrets is after I’ve booked my tickets ,there are better seats available,just hoping the Shinhwa concert they don’t block so many seats leaving the fans don’t not have much choice to select for the seats.Though this is my setback, but I am going to enjoy SHS concert because he has not fail his fans and I love his music.I will see Shinhyesung and Eric and wish them Merry Christmas here.

    1. Basically means that the tickets are all for seats and you will need to book beforehand that’s all 🙂 Enjoy the show!

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