[11.12.07] JinDy on Strong Heart: Consolidated news

On the 6th Dec episode of SBS variety show ‘Strong Heart’ Shinhwa members Junjin and Andy took on each other on a one-on-one talk battle.

Newly discharged from military service, Junjin stated that he had been wanting to appear on ‘Strong Heart’, and showed off his recharged variety skills on the show. He said that during his stint as a public service officer, he was a master of parking tickets and handled up to hundreds of tickets per day. He also revealed that he formed a great partnership with fellow public service officer, actor Kim Nam Gil.

In addition, he also vividly described his interesting military service period where he had to manage the neighbourhood cultural centre as well.

Meanwhile, fellow Shinhwa member Andy revealed his troubles during military service, being a junior to seniors who were top stars. He also shared interesting stories about a quiz game with Lee Dong Wook, Lee Wan, Kim Ji Suk and Lee Joon Ki.


Junjin also shared some behind-the-scene stories about his name being mentioned in Eric’s drama, ‘Spy Myungwol’.

He said, “Eric hyung asked if he could borrow my name and I told him without any hesitation that he could. That’s because I thought it was a good idea to get my name called out more often.”

Although he was looking forward to his name being brought up in a cool manner, his name was mentioned in a not-too-flattering way as he was described as a ‘naburengi’ (something along the lines of ‘small-time’).

Junjin said, “Although I was a little shocked at first, I’m happy even if my name was called out only once. Please call my name as much as you can today.”


Andy also shared stories from his army days, prompting studio guests to burst into laughter. He said, “I had to perform the heart dance without musical accompaniment for 5 minutes in front of Sergeant Yang Donggeun and Lance Corporal Lee Jin Wook. I can’t forget the humiliation.”

“They made me dance, even though they weren’t looking.”

He added, “I thought the situation would improve once the juniors came in, but it didn’t”, and went on to share stories about Lee Wan and Kim Ji Suk.


Actress Kim In Seo also spilled the beans on a pre-debut encounter with Shinhwa.

She said, “Before I made my debut I had seen Junjin.” When MC Lee Seunggi asked where, she made a revelation that made Junjin and Andy break out into cold sweat, “I met him at a place where I was intending to experience Seoul’s nightlife. Except Eric, all the other Shinhwa members were there, and girls kept coming in.”

Junjin cautiously replied, “I was just sitting there quietly and drinking, wasn’t I?” To which Kim In Seo replied, “Along with Minwoo, you were dancing with girls wearing short skirts. Andy was dancing like crazy.”


Junjin and Andy also talked about how their birth dates have landed them in an awkward relationship despite being in the same group for so long.

Though Junjin was born in 1980 and Andy was born in 1981, Andy was born at the beginning of the year. MC Lee Seunggi said, “If we go by academic years, the two of you should be considered friends. (The start of the Korean academic year is 1st March).

In response to this, Junjin said, “Actually we already decided to be friends, but when Andy gets drunk he lapses into banmal (informal speech) and becomes awkward when he sobers up. I hope Andy can use banmal with ease.”

In the end MC Lee Seunggi suggested that the two of them hold hands to express their feelings. Junjin started first, “We’ll be releasing our album in March, so let’s work hard together and be more affectionate with each other.”

Andy gave an embarrassed smile and said after much difficulty, “Let’s become closer, Choong Jae ah” and the two gave each other a peck on the cheek.

Shinhwa will be celebrating their 14th anniversary with the release of their 10th album on 24 March 2012.

Credits: Interview365 + Newsen + TV Report + Xsportsnews + Absolut Shinhwa

17 thoughts on “[11.12.07] JinDy on Strong Heart: Consolidated news

  1. haha I love how Shinhwa is coming back on screen bit by bit…like teasers 😛
    how much I miss watching Shinhwa together as 6. I enjoyed Wannie’s episode…hope to see this with english subs soon 🙂

  2. Jinnie looks exactly the same! Aw can’t wait to watch this subbed!
    Can’t wait to see Shinhwa in variety shows again! 😀

  3. LOL OMG poor Andy, being bullied by his seniors XD I would pay a good amount of money to see that “a capella” heart dance, heehee!

    So glad to see Jinnie back. He usually does really well in variety shows 🙂

  4. Andy’s hair looks great, Andy looks great….but Jin~ah please fix your hair haha. Me no likee

  5. One more thought, the fact that they never hesitate to exchange hug and kisses in front of a live audience after all this time touches me deeply, their friendship is just inspiring us all.

  6. Thanks a lot for this, I hope I can watch the entire episode with subtitles because it’s so difficult for me to understand it without any english sub. Btw, Andy looks really mature here but Jinnie definitely looks younger, and the hug is just too sweet! Can’t wait for March next year!!

  7. Does Jin really age at all? He looks so young, specially with hairs like that 🙂

    Shinhwa members are popular with the laddies huh? ^^

    hahaha poor Jin was made to be the ‘evil’ president of ShinCom I think. Wonder if he would turned down the ‘offer’ know how his character would be XDDDD Nevertherless, it’s was nice hearing JJ name & ShinCom in the drama.

    Here was Eric’s tweet about Jinnie’s ‘cameo’ on Spy Myungwol’ as well as members’ reaction XDDD https://absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com/2011/08/02/11-08-01-erics-twitter-update-about-the-mention-of-junjin-and-shinhwa-company-in-spy-myungwol-ep-7/

    JinDy’s hugs & kisses <33333

    Hope will be subbed, though I'm tempting to watch it raw 😀

  8. Wow..hopefully I can see the clips of this episode..anybody knows where I can see it online?????????…hehehe going 2 watch their old video b4 goin 2 sleep…

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