[11.11.30] Dongwan’s reviewlog: Perfect Sense

Perfect Sense

Director: David MacKenzie
Starring: Eva Green, Ewan McGregor, Connie Nielsen
Released: 2011 in Germany, UK, Sweden, Denmark

Ah~ There aren’t any stars~ㅋ That’s right, why must we give star ratings?
There are so many movies with 30 points, 50 points that end up more interesting to watch than movies with 100 points~ㅎ

Anyway after watching the movie, I was really thankful for my sense of smell and taste.
Although there were many parts which could be rather dull
The movie sobers you up with Eva Green’s pretty bosom and Ewan McGregor’s sudden exposure~!
The more cruel Fate wanted to keep them apart, the more they’d be drawn to each other.

There was a woman seated in front of me who left the bright screen of her smartphone on and kept touching the plastic bag that she brought out from home or something,
She probably had two handphones and when she received a call on the other phone she repeated 4 times that she was watching a movie…….
I really wanted to give her a knock on her head.

Credits: Dongwan’s naver blog + absolut shinhwa


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