[11.11.21] Dongwan’s J-blog: 6 updates



18 Nov 2011: I’m in Japan!

I’ve arrived at the Naha Airport!
Okinawa rice cakes are not too sweet and really delicious!

But I want to eat Kyushu ramen~


19 Nov 2011: I want to go to Shuri Castle!

Everyone who has already arrived in Okinawa!
See you soon!
I’ll take lots of photos for those who can’t be there
You’re looking forward to it too, right?


19 Nov 2011: Ryukyu no Yuki (Snow of Ryukyu)

The dessert named Ryukyu no Yuki is really delicious.
The syrup made with Kuromitsu is as fragrant as coffee.
I asked the staff,
And apparently there’s no Ryukyu no Ame (Rain of Ryukyu).


19 Nov 2011: Have you had your meal?

Has everyone eaten?
I’m about to eat Yakizakana (grilled fish)
It’s nice to see and experience various styles of cooking.
But I still prefer shioyaki (salt-grilled)!


20 Nov 2011: It’s almost here

It’s the fanmeeting now!


20 Nov 2011: It’s over (^-^)/

It’s over.
Did everyone who participated in the event have a good time?
I’m going to start on my dinner!
But isn’t it nice having Orion beer too?

To everyone who came to Okinawa,
To everyone who has been waiting
Let’s have a toast!

Please sleep well~
Good night


21 Nov 2011: Thank you ^_^

Thank you very much to everyone for celebrating my birthday.
I received this orange cake during yesterday’s fanmeeting
I removed the candles so that I can eat the cake
That’s why there are holes in it ^^;
Thanks to all the fans I had an enjoyable birthday
And I also read all your messages, thanks a lot for those too


Credits: Dongwan’s Ameba blog + Absolut Shinhwa

7 thoughts on “[11.11.21] Dongwan’s J-blog: 6 updates

  1. Happy birthday wannie!!!!! Sorry for the lateness D:
    Glad to hear you had a great time! ❤

    "I asked the staff, And apparently there’s no Ryukyu no Ame (Rain of Ryukyu)." LOL XD trust our wit guy to say that hehehe

  2. Happy birthday Witty guy! Stay healthy and happy because that’s what I love most from you. God bless you!

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