5 thoughts on “[11.11.4] News photos: Junjin’s back! (Part 1)

  1. LOL not only is junjin back but his beanie hats too ^^
    thanks for all the pics! … does this mean he’ll be able to rejoin infinite challenge again? :/ ofcourse after some rest (usually stars rejoin the shows they departed with..) M is the last one to go ~~~

  2. Welcome back double J, glad to see you smile from ear to ear. You look awesome with that old school jeans, let’s cross our fingers that Minwoo will make it safe and sound in February!! Good golly Miss Molly, I can’t wait for all of them to reunite!!

  3. I’m glad he didn’t catch up to the fashion trend these days. Looking good in those not-so-tight jeans! If only his eyes were the same….*sigh*

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