[11.11.04] Liveworks notice: Shin Hyesung year-end concert

Hello, this is Liveworks Company. This notice is to inform you about Shin Hyesung’s 2011 year-end concert. This will be a time where we can all look back on the year and welcome the new year together. We will try our best to release ticketing information and other details sometime next week. Thank you.

————- CONCERT INFO ——————-


30 Dec 2011 (Fri), 8pm
31 Dec 2011 (Sat), 10pm

◎Venue: Yonsei University Main Auditorium
◎Ticketing agency: Interpark Ticket (http://ticket.interpark.com/Ticket) 1544-1555
◎Ticket prices: All assigned seating (The seating plan will be released later)
Section R 110,000KRW / Section S 99,000KRW

◎Ticket sales start on 15 Nov (Tues), 7pm

◎Organized & produced by: Shownote, CJ E&M
◎Supported by: Liveworks Company
◎Enquiries: Shownote (02-3485-8700)

Credits: @LIVEWORKSCP + Absolut Shinhwa

4 thoughts on “[11.11.04] Liveworks notice: Shin Hyesung year-end concert

  1. >< Dec……… when i was juggling either to go to Korea on Dec or March, i'd chose March… hoping there'll be Shinhwa's event by then!

  2. I’ve seen his concert in Tokyo recently at Tokyo Dome. It blown my head away and coincidentaly I am in Seoul in December, will definitely try to buy the tickets thanks for informing of the event. I hope to see him again, Hyesung is a great artist.

  3. i really want to go but i can’t.i just hope he will come to my country someday.him as a solo or with his band ”shinhwa”.love them and i love hye sung more…

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