[11.10.31] Andy, “My locker had photos of Teen Top instead of SNSD”

Singer Andy, freshly discharged from military service, said that during his enlistment period, “I stuck a photo of Teen Top instead of SNSD in my storage locker.”

At about 8am on 31st Oct, Andy was officially discharged from military service at the DEMA HQ in Yongsan-gu, Seoul. Standing in front of the photo wall and facing his fans who had gathered to welcome him, Andy was momentarily choked with emotion and couldn’t speak. After Andy declared his discharge from military service, he was asked about his favorite girl group.

“As expected it was SNSD. When SNSD appears on TV the entire unit becomes noisy. But stuck in my locker were always photos of Teen Top instead of SNSD.”

He added with a laugh, “I have to thank Teen Top for doing so well. In order to monitor what kind of clothes they were wearing and what kind of poses they were striking, I stuck their photos in my locker. The seniors and the juniors looked at me and misunderstood me.”

Present today to congratulate Andy on his discharge were members of idol group Teen Top, holding placards that read “Andy Sarang (love)” and making heart gestures, cracking Andy up. In addition, more than 300 fans from Japan, Taiwan, China and other countries were waiting at the venue with orange balloons in their hands.

After his discharge, Andy will embark on a full-scale Asia tour from early December onwards, travelling to Taiwan, Japan, China and Thailand to fulfil his promise to the fans who have been waiting for him.

Credits: OSEN + Absolut Shinhwa

9 thoughts on “[11.10.31] Andy, “My locker had photos of Teen Top instead of SNSD”

  1. Oh, thanks a lot for visiting my country earlier this month, it’s definitely memorable.

  2. Welcome back, Andy! Glad you’ve finished your duty, GBU & good luck with the tour and the comeback plan with Shinhwa!!

  3. Is he going to have fanmeet in Korea too!!! I’m here til December!!! He has to do one here!!!! Andy is back!!! YAYYYY

  4. Well done Andy , you are indeed a great mentor to Teen Tops, thats is Shinwa – member always look after each other even juniors.Hope you let us know the date to your Asia tour,it will fantastic to see you soon.

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