On a break…

In case you haven’t already noticed, there hasn’t been much going on here 😦 I’ve a couple of work projects on hand right now and I haven’t been able to make time to do proper stuff like fangirling *sigh*

It will be light posting from me until the end of October at least – meanwhile, stay healthy and happy everyone! And happy Chuseok! ^^

6 thoughts on “On a break…

  1. it’s okay. it’s really like that when we get older, we have many other things that occupy our time like work, family, obligations. still, i check this site every now and then and everytime, i enjoy the moment to myself. of course, how can i not? i miss the shinhwa boys every now and then too. to all shinhwa fans – blessings everyone from above. mwah!

  2. Work comes first, the unfortunate reality 😀
    Smooth sailing with the projects and take good care!

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