[11.08.26] Kim Dongwan, “My goal is to get married in 2 years’ time”

Singer Kim Dongwan shared his worries with Osen in a recent interview, “I would like to get married in 2 years’ time, but I’m worried about whether I’ll meet a nice girl.”

“After I get married at 35, my next goal is to have a child born in the Year of the Goat, when I’m 36. Lately my biggest worry is whether I’ll meet a nice girl. As I get older, I become more picky instead, and I’m also worried about whether I’m a good man that nice girls want to meet.”

Sharing his difficulties, he added, “Actually privacy is very important to me, and I prefer work to love. I’m more like a cho shik nam* (herbivore guy) who enjoys things like having meals cooked for me. When I do surveys, the results indicate that I’m a cho shik nam. Even if I’m in a relationship, I’m a “boyfriend who’s like a sister”, I have a lot to talk about and I share very minor details. I try to change but I’m born with a character that’s hard to change.”

Since young, his ideal type has always been “girls who are likable”. He said with a laugh, “Rather than a girl with a distinct personality whom everyone finds pretty, I prefer a girl who leaves a good impression, without double eyelids, who’s a little indistinct. But lately I haven’t had the opportunity to meet girls. I get recognized so it’s not easy to go on blind dates either, I really don’t know what to do.”

Kim Dongwan recently played the poet Lee Yuk Sa in the MBC Liberation Day drama special “The Vertex”, and has earned praise for his sensitive portrayal. He is also wrapping up a successful run of the musical “Hedwig” in which he plays the titular character. He will continue with acting activities in the 2nd half of the year, and will make a comeback next spring as part of Shinhwa.

Credits: Osen + Absolut Shinhwa

*cho shik nam (herbivore guy) is a slang term that comes from a new phenomenon in Japan that refers to men who do not show off their masculinity. They’re passive about sex and relationships because they’re too busy and aggressive when it comes to their own hobbies, interests, which are often considered “childish.” They’re “rebels,” don’t have money-driven careers and don’t really care about pursuing women.


7 thoughts on “[11.08.26] Kim Dongwan, “My goal is to get married in 2 years’ time”

  1. What?! Get married in two years?! Why don’t you do it now!!! I wanna see little Kim’s!! haha.

  2. Haha it’s okay wannie 🙂 I’m sure you will meet the right person soon enough! Plus you have me as back up :p goo

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