[11.08.18] Eric’s Twitter updates: 2 responses to fans

*Background info: A screencap of a fake KakaoTalk chat between Eric and someone from the production team talking about the controversy made it to a news article (which I can’t locate).


Fan: Oppa, people believe that self-praising Kakaotalk screencap ㅠㅠ I’m really upset looking at that, it’s clearly not Oppa ㅠㅠ Can’t you say on Twitter that that’s not real? ㅠㅠ

Eric: Looks like I have lots of work today huh? The font and background in that KakaoTalk is diffeent from the Shinhwa Kakaotalk chats that I’ve uploaded from before so it’s confirmed to be fake. I was informed that there would be a news article (for clarification), isn’t there one? The dinner gathering was supposed to be held once Myungwol-sshi arrived at 5pm, but she went straight to the TV station to apologize, we’ll have it tomorrow instead^^



Fan: I read your heartfelt message. As a citizen I couldn’t understand this big fuss and I found it noisy and annoying.. Because I noted the three views or points about improving the drama production environment, I started to understand many parts of it. It’s a well-written essay. Thanks for showing us the facts.

Eric: My opinion could be wrong or different, but more that anything else the “FACTS” that I was trying to say, to remove the misunderstanding against the staff and the writers, is the truth. I don’t know how to prove it, but please believe me~


Credits: @miclarge1 + Absolut Shinhwa

7 thoughts on “[11.08.18] Eric’s Twitter updates: 2 responses to fans

  1. As long as Eric is clean in his conscience, at the end, the truth will reveal and he will have the last laugh. I don’t know why that fan is commenting that Eric oppa is trying to suck on the director and staff for his own gain, may i comment dear fan, if only you saw Eric on how he is on the set of shooting, I’m sure your going to eat your words without chewing it, because HE IS VERY QUIET AND JUST OBSERVING. Please kindly get all the facts before commenting because if you can’t say good words, better keep it for yourself and wait.

  2. It’s appalling how any one could faked something to flame up the situation and get people in trouble (for what they didn’t do). You wonder why their artists are so stressed….. I guess they don’t learn from the fake rumor that drove Choi Jin-sil to end her life at all huh? tsk tsk tsk tsk

    1. just googled in Choi Jin-sil… it says that the ones who spread the rumor were sentenced right? and the gov’t tried to make a ‘Choi Jin-sil law’ to stop the slander of artist…. would that apply in this case?

      1. Well if I’m not wrong those netizens accused her of loansharking activities, which is of course illegal and downright malicious…

        The netizen who faked the chat didn’t accuse Eric of anything illegal… Just made the whole thing sound like he’s praising himself – so no I don’t think this would apply. But the netizen’s definitely wrong to have done that, whether it was out of good intention or not.

  3. A fake KakaoTalk screencap? Wasn’t the situation blown up enough already? Honestly… some people are so… -_-

    I’m glad to hear that everything is starting to smoothen out again. Although the atmosphere during filming now might be awkward, I hope that it doesn’t affect the quality of the drama.

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