[11.08.18] Eric’s Twitter update: Response to a netizen


I hope you will keep this thought in mind and support Yeseul. From my perspective, Yeseul isn’t the only actress, and honestly I’m not scared of the powerless salaried on-set staff either. I only wanted to highlight the standpoints of the cast members and staff who are of a lower level compared to the lead actress, and clarify the groundless accusations against them. Although Ye Seul did make a mistake, but since no one can be perfect I hope as a fan you can be her source of strength right til the end. For me, at today’s gathering I plan to speak to her in private and give her a harsh lesson as her oppa, and just like before I’ll accept her again. Since she’s already back, even on the set the staff won’t be looking at her in a bad light. All has been cleared up. The upper echelons at the TV station and the production company, unlike us, is another story altogether. I hope that you can see this incident simply as a girl who made a mistake, had an argument with the people around her who were upset and then resolved things; and that this won’t be exaggerated and misunderstood. ‘Spy Myungwol’ has encountered many ups and downs, and ratings are very low, but everyone on the set, including Ye Seul, will once again work hard together to make it work. The reason is because of the people, even though there may not be many, who love and watch the drama. We hope there will be no more disruptive rumors made by external parties, to keep us all going strong.

Ps– This is all for the disagreement and reconciliation in this incident, and I hope it won’t be brought up anymore. I’m sorry but I have to retweet this again. Any further misunderstanding and speculation will only serve to dampen the morale of Yeseul – who has returned with a heavy heart – and the other cast members and staff who have decided to accept her and move on. Just think of this simply as: a girl’s mistake – the aggrievedness of the other colleagues – the girl’s apology – a chiding from the oppas – reconciliation, that’s what the truth is. Please stop speculating! Let’s just film the drama!!

RT @mylovesunToT: @miclarge1 Please just stop it.. I don’t know if those were heartfelt words but she’s someone you work together with, and honestly I don’t see anything other than you playing up to the staff and director to gain their favor. Though she’s already being criticised heavily by the public, you still have to interfere to this extent. I’m unimpressed by your disregard for your fellow colleague.

Credits: @miclarge1 + Absolut Shinhwa

6 thoughts on “[11.08.18] Eric’s Twitter update: Response to a netizen

  1. when i read this tweet (compare with his previous tweet),, i think he forgive HYS mistake… really really forgive her….

  2. Even I felt annoyed reading that netizen’s tweet! How can Eric keep his cool so well? Truly a professional. 🙂

  3. Am a bit disheartened to read that someone ‘innocent’ is being blamed for someone else’s severe wrongdoing, but it makes me feel more proud that Pres Mun still treated that ignorant person nicely despite of the rudeness.. he is amazingly cool, because if I were the who got that kind of blaming, I would have bit back haha!

  4. Is unbelievable how some people since all this drama started wants to blame Eric for something, no matter what, but for anything.

    He never said anything bad about Han Ye Soul, said that she make a mistake is just the true, and some people don’t want to understand that. She has reasons, for sure, but her acts were not the best way to solve the problem.

    From my point of view she caused more troubles to herself than anyone else, now she is more tired than everybody, because take two flights in less than 24 hours is exhausting and then return to the set without any rest and not to mention the damage she make to her profesional image.

  5. that person was kind rude, and her blame is totally misdirected at eric. I’m glad that eric answered her calmly and even agreed with her…. eric fighting!

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