[11.08.17] Eric’s Twitter update: About Spy Myungwol’s “no-show” controversy (Shinbiz translation)


Courtesy of Shinhwa Biz (@shinbiz)

18 thoughts on “[11.08.17] Eric’s Twitter update: About Spy Myungwol’s “no-show” controversy (Shinbiz translation)

  1. I’m actually a HYS fan, I love her job but I think if she wanted better conditions she should have handled it different, without an scandal by talking. No one’s condition must have been that good while filming the drama, and all of them should have made their own requests, everyone deserves good treatment on their jobs.
    I really like how Eric is so professional.

  2. actually i’m agree with eric… but the conclusion that i have that HYS is totally wrong… yeah she is wrong,, but it’s good for him if he just keep stay in the middle of artist and the crew….
    but i still love eric ,, kekekeke…….

  3. i felt down and all of this issues a came out….and again i’m proud to say that i’m a fan of SHINHWA, and i’m happy that SHINHWA has a great leader like eric.what he said is right…
    he handled it way better than i expected…
    tired or not,or misunderstood or neglected there are still those people who suffered more than you!

  4. I lost my interest towards eric after reading this.. for me han ye seul did the right thing, and she shouldn’t be blamed.. sorry..

    1. Standing up for yourself is the right thing to do but how dropping everything and leaving the country was it the right thing to do when she has a contract with KBS? You see how KBS & Sidus get right back with the billions wons lawsuits?

      Eric’s tweet is frank but logical and no way disrespectful. oh well, different people read and interpret things differently I guess. Like it or hate it it’s all personal preference 😀

      1. YES!!!!I’ve fixed it :p….People can say what they want but only the person knows exactly the truth so are we to judge him/her…I mean I can’t tolerate her unproffesiona act but after a while I guess its her own choice though it hurts so many people…what I can’t understand is why people start to blame eric when he was just stating his opinion which I think is fair to everyone.he didn’t even deny the fact that hys facing all the difficulties….but if a person chose to see it in a wrong way so I guess its their loss….p/s:hating is tiring so make a wise choice :p

  5. I couldnt find the words to describe Eric Mun. He is almost PERFECT.. well, ofcourse not really.. but the way he is handling these things, his emotions, and his views on the staff around him is really admirable.. no wonder why Shinhwa is still united for almost 14 years and counting, with such a leader who tries his best to put together puzzles and put out the fire as gracefully as he could.
    Pres Mun is really one amazing person!

  6. Thanks for translating this!

    I appreciate Eric speaking up, even if only through his Twitter. If anyone has a right to say something about this whole fiasco, it’s him. I also appreciate how he worded his tweet carefully and thoughtfully, very calm and mature. (Seriously. How can you not love the guy?!)

    What I can’t understand is how some netizens are turning this whole thing around, trying to make Eric look like the bad guy. WTF. He doesn’t deserve that!

    Personally, I think this mess was the result of many mistakes and misunderstandings that piled up over the course of filming (maybe even before filming began) and just exploded one day. Why HYS did what she did is still beyond me. I guess we’ll never know what really happened behind the scenes. It’s just sad that it had to play out in public when they could have settled this quietly.

    I hope nothing untoward will happen anymore as they finish filming. In the end, the show must go on.

  7. This is why I admire Eric. He’s honest while trying to be objective. And most importantly, he cares for those who aren’t able to air their side of the story. He’s stayed a true professional in even the most difficult of times, and I applaud him for that.

  8. This days I just read about all this controversy and never make a comment in any site, but now I feel so grateful for Eric’s words, so I need speak out XD

    I read a lot stupid comments from people defending Han Ye Soul actions and saying Eric’s fans attack her just because “She is ruining Eric’s drama” but have no arguments to discus. Now I hope all those people read Eric’s words and understand that yeah she maybe have a reason but the way she act was more than disrespectful with her fellow actors and staff.

    He was doing a excellent job, but I’m sure he will work harder, and he is trying hard to to bring a positive work enviroment from now on.

    I’m proud of him.

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