[11.08.17] Spy Myungwol’s Eric proposes morale-boosting dinner gathering

Eric (Mun Jung Hyuk) has proposed a dinner gathering for his fellow cast members and production team of “Spy Myungwol”, which he is currently starring in.

A top-level manager from Eric’s management company told Star News on 17th Aug, “Eric suggested a dinner gathering for the ‘Spy Myungwol’ team, which has been facing many difficulties lately. So since this morning I’ve been calling up the cast members and staff of the drama to push ahead with the gathering. Since there’s no filming today it would be a good day to hold the gathering.”

He added with a laugh, “Of course it’s Eric’s treat. Up until now the ‘Spy Myungwol’ team hasn’t been able to gather for a meal yet, and we hope that everyone will have an enjoyable time today.”

Eric made the suggestion of the gathering in the hope that the cast and crew can put the recent incident behind them and embark on filming with enthusiasm when Han Ye Seul returns to the set on the 18th.

(Background of Han Ye Seul’s no-show omitted)

Credits: Star News + Absolut Shinhwa

11 thoughts on “[11.08.17] Spy Myungwol’s Eric proposes morale-boosting dinner gathering

  1. Had HYS elected not to come back i would have loved to see YEH took over the job (though only in my dreams). Hope Eric could work with YEH soon.

  2. Just when you think everything’s going downhill, you can count on leadernim to boost everyone up, as he has done countless times. Eric, you are the daebak-est of them all 😀

  3. I’m so proud to be a fan of Eric oppa, not only he is very good looking outside or physically, but his inner side is the most worth to praise. Please Eric stay as good as you are, do not let success cloud your mind and stay humble aand faith to the Almighty God. Love you always

  4. I really love eric~ seriously the best leader even outside of Shinhwa…
    Hope everything runs smoothly after this so that when HYS comes
    back there won’t be anymore problems…

  5. Eric is the best example of a “selfless” person.. i so luv our leader.. I can’t stand “selfish” people 😦 .. thanks for the trans Su 🙂

  6. Don’t we just love him???
    He is even doing this extra mile at his own financial expense in order to push thru with the project smoothly.. Aiyoo, HYS is SO BLESSED to be working with Eric Mun.. she shld realize that!

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