[11.08.17] Han Ye Seul apologises, will return to finish drama

Han Ye Seul’s management agency Sidus HQ announced Tuesday that the actress will return to Korea on Wednesday, to complete shooting the remaining episodes of the Korean Broadcasting System’s (KBS) drama “Spy Myung Wol”, reported Korean media.

Han had earlier refused to attend shoots for the drama and travelled to Los Angeles, leaving KBS without new episodes to air and her co-stars in limbo.

Sidus HQ said in a media statement that “the intense shooting schedule for the show left Han Ye Seul exhausted in both mind and body” and explained that actress’ judgment was clouded by her exhaustion, causing her to up and go midway through production of the show.

It added that Han did not expect the problem to get out of hand and has decided to return to Korea, in order to finish shooting the currently airing drama.

“Spy Myung Wol” Executive Producer Lee Kang Hyun expressed that Han must prove her sincerity if she is to come back to the show.

“Even if Han Ye Seul returns, she must first officially apologise to her colleagues and the production staff as well as promise this won’t happen again.

“Whether her return is accepted hinges upon whether next week’s scheduled shoots … are carried out as planned without further disruptions,” said Lee, who revealed that KBS has arranged for another actress to replace Han if things do not work out.

“Spy Myung Wol”, which revolves around a beautiful North Korean spy who falls in love with a South Korean pop star, has suffered poor ratings so far and has been panned by critics for its improbable plot.

Interestingly, the latest episode of enjoyed a 1.6 percent increase in viewership ratings amidst the controversy triggered by Han’s departure.

This improvement in its ratings has sparked speculation among Korean netizens that the whole incident was nothing more than a publicity stunt to boost the ratings of the ailing show.

Source: Channel Newsasia


One thought on “[11.08.17] Han Ye Seul apologises, will return to finish drama

  1. Personally, am still pissed off with her, but who am I to judge her when her co stars and Spy staff are willing to forgive and forget..
    I jst really hope she wont do this bratty act again and ruin everyone’s schedule.

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