[11.08.16] Eric opens up about Han Ye Seul’s no-show (via allkpop)

On August 15th, Eric spoke through an interview with Newsen, saying,

“Though the viewer ratings and reports for ‘Spy Myung Wol’ haven’t been that great, the rest of the actors and I have been enduring it and doing our best while thinking, ‘If we work hard, there will be good results’. Of course, my tight schedule and filming itself have been a little hard, but I’ve been trying my best to keep my promise with the viewers.

Haven’t we all gone through tough times will working on ‘Spy Myung Wol’ and other dramas? Isn’t it the same for all the other actors? I believe that overcoming and fighting through these struggles is the responsibility of the actor.

I believe that staying out of reach and causing the drama to stop is not right. I wish Han Ye Seul would hurry and return to the set. I want to achieve a successful conclusion with mutual understanding.“

Credits: Newsen + allkpop

4 thoughts on “[11.08.16] Eric opens up about Han Ye Seul’s no-show (via allkpop)

  1. Eric Mun wont be Shinhwa’s leader for nothing. Again, he has shown the diplomatic side of him, no matter how pissed off he probably is in reality. This is how a professional person is like.. maintaining a peaceful facade no matter what and would prioritize achievement of the majority’s goals rather than think of only himself.

  2. Though we known being actors/actress are never easy as they must filmed and also the viewers rating to consider.But that is part and parcel of the job, so not to conclude the drama and “run away” is not professional and irresponsible.Glad that Eric is cool enough to talk about it and let finish the show-Han Ye Seul be matured and face it.

  3. yup….leadernim hwaiting……this is so frustating…i hope u take care and be strong….we will support u till the end…

  4. Well, said, leadernim.
    I like how he maintains his diplomatic tone even while being honest about how he really feels about the whole situation.
    Aigoo, Han Ye Seul. Sure, fighting for what you think is right is not a bad thing, but doing it at the expense of others who are working as hard (if not harder) than you is a different matter altogether. Now _that_ is a bad thing.
    And since one of the people having an extra-hard time right now because of Ye Seul’s actions is Eric, then she can pretty much expect the whole SHCJ community to condemn her actions as well. Way to go.

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