[11.08.15] “Spy Myungwol” faces possible episode cancellations this week

Granted that we can’t fully trust what the news articles say. Maybe “it’s not her, there must be more to it, don’t misunderstand her” like what some people have said. And she can’t be that stupid to jeopardize her own reputation and career,  right?

But even if she’s unwell, even if she’s in the right and the director’s in the wrong, does it matter? Filming can’t proceed, and you have a stranded cast & crew of more than 100 people. Unprofessionalism aside, that’s just plain inconsiderate. The drama may be named after your character, but it sure ain’t all about you, girl.


Production company may take legal action against Han Ye Seul if she does not participate in filming

KBS 2TV Mon-Tue drama “Spy Myungwol” is facing a possible cancellation of its 15th episode this week due to leading actress Han Ye Seul’s refusal to participate in filming.

Han Ye Seul did not turn up for filming on the 14th and as of 8am this morning, she has yet to appear at the set. As less than half of the scenes required for this week’s episodes have been filmed, there is a growing possibility of this week’s episodes being cancelled.

KBS stated that they will decide on the morning of 15th Aug whether or not to proceed with the episodes. Although the team will try their best to edit the completed footage such that the episodes can be broadcast as scheduled, if things don’t work out, the contingency plan is to put together the highlights from the episodes aired so far into a special episode.

According to the production company and KBS, Han Ye Seul has been having conflicts with the director and after a public spat with the director on the set on the 13th, requested the production company to change the director. Since then she has not showed up for filming.

The production company and KBS had a marathon meeting late into the night on the 14th but no conclusion has been reached. The production company had also been trying to persuade Han Ye Seul but to no avail.

A rep from the production company Lee Kim Production told Yonhap News, “Han Ye Seul and KBS have completely different point of views, and there seems to be no resolution in sight.”

The rep added, “Before we talk about who’s at fault, shouldn’t we worry about the episodes not being able to be broadcast as scheduled? It’s shocking how an emotional conflict between the actress and the director is obstructing the broadcast. If Han Ye Seul does not turn up for filming today, we will be suing her for business interference.

Han Ye Seul and her representatives are unable to be reached for comments.

Credits: Yonhap News + Absolut Shinhwa

3 thoughts on “[11.08.15] “Spy Myungwol” faces possible episode cancellations this week

  1. Darn it, it is a bad year for Eric oppa. As much as I hate this whole thing, let hope that they could give Eric more screen time and make this a Kang Woo drama.

  2. I never liked Han Ye Seul…she’s just not lead material. I don’t know her personally, but with all the negativeness from various people it seems she ain’t that likable. Anyway, poor Eric. This year just ain’t so good to him…Poseidon, now Spy Myungwol? I hope it will end soon…all this chaos…man Eric deserves better…

  3. Doesn’t she know she can be sued by the production?? She has a contract to make that show, if she keeps on doing this, money will be lost due to the delays! What a headache!

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