[11.08.15] Han Ye Seul allegedly departed Korea for LA on 15th August

If  the girl REALLY skipped town and left the fate of the unfinished drama hanging in the balance, she can kiss her career goodbye.

*screams in frustration* WHAT HAS ERIC DONE TO DESERVE THIS!!!


Han Ye Seul, who ignited a controversy with her refusal to turn up for filming for the drama “Spy Myungwol”, has made a shock departure for the United States.

Han Ye Seul was seen by airport passengers as she passed through the departure gates of Incheon Airport at about 2pm on 15 August with a male partner

According to an airport rep, Korean Air flight KE0017 departed for LA at 3pm today. It’s not clear as of now whether Han Ye Seul is returning to her parents who are currently staying in LA.

A rep from Lee Kim Production told Sports Donga, “We just heard about Han Ye Seul leaving the country from the other production team members, and we’re in the midst of verifying the information. We will clarify our stand once we verify the information.”

Credits: Sports Donga + Absolut Shinhwa

6 thoughts on “[11.08.15] Han Ye Seul allegedly departed Korea for LA on 15th August

  1. Had she at least hold up her end of the bargain and showed up for the AGREED schedule (whatever the hours were) OR even only a couple hours a day, I would see her stance about the live shooting & the health issue as Sidus said

    From what I see so far, it’s her stance with the PD more so than the live shoot issue. I wonder what’s going on between the 2 to cause such bad blood.

    Whatever the issues were between her & the PD, stopping the entire production like this isn’t the way to go. There’re other responsible way to deal with it. And now with news of her leaving for the US, how would it solve anything? May be when she’s free from Korea, we can hear her side of the story, I hope.

  2. This really isnt Eric’s year for drama’s! Poor guy! Hes waited so long for this comeback and its ended up to this point… I don’t understand why such a big actress would do this :/ its very diva like behaviour, and very unprofessional.. i’m sure shes not the only one suffering.. I hope she has valid reasons for this… I don’t wanna judge but its not looking great for her image

  3. I think the fans are so upset with her by now, they would totally welcome another actress just so the drama could go on. I don’t know what happened, but whatever it was short of near-death situation, this is so unprofessional towards the other actors and also production crew, who probably haven’t even gone home for days and still don’t complain…

  4. Even KBS doesn’t know where she is … and they’re thinking of asking viewers if they should cancel the drama or go on with another actress.

  5. If she is professional and reponsible, she shouldn’t do such absurd action. This incident I hope Eric don’t feel down and dishearted, She is so immatured in her action.Cheers Eric we are on your side

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