[11.08.15] Eric, on standby for the past 16 hours for “Spy Myungwol” filming

And the thing is he’s not the only one! What about the staff and the other cast members? Can’t she just kick up a fuss AFTER they complete the damned drama?

“Spy Myungwol” star Eric has been on standby for filming for the past 16 hours. He is unable to have a good sleep and is just waiting to film. The filming scheduled for 15th August has been cancelled as female lead Han Ye Seul has refused to participate in filming on 14th and 15th August. With the drama close to being broadcast live, Han Ye Seul will have to return to filming as soon as possible.

Eric has been on standby since 7pm on 14th August, and did not sleep or change out of his costume as there was still a possibility of resuming filming.

A rep said, “Eric has been waiting for more than 16 hours now. We don’t know what sudden calamity has befallen him.”

A rep from the production team also added, “Eric is having a hard time being caught between Han Ye Seul and the director. He has tried seeing things from the director’s perspective and tried his best to comfort Han Ye Seul who’s having a hard time. Being caught in the middle, he has done what he could.”

“This is Eric’s comeback drama and it’s very important to him. It’s not that he doesn’t understand the perspectives of Han Ye Seul and the director, he just hopes that both parties can reach a compromise so that filming can resume as soon as possible.”

Eric’s rep said, “Filming has now been cancelled, but it’s even more regrettable that Eric has become a victim of this controversy.”

“Eric has also been filming under very unfavourable conditions. Actually Eric did not voice out any unhappiness, but given that the drama is very important for him, he’s just sad that the situation is worsening.”

Despite the low ratings, Eric had continued to drum up publicity for the drama through ways such as making public his chats with the Shinhwa members.

Credits: Newsen + Absolut Shinhwa

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