[11.08.14] Sidus HQ explains why Han Ye Seul hasn’t shown up for ‘Spy Myung Wol’ (via allkpop)

Seriously girl, you need to come up with a better excuse. Especially when your co-stars and the entire crew are ALSO pulling overnighters. Have you not noticed the dark circles around Eric’s eyes?

And I know I’m not supposed to be posting this, but what the hell. This is a translation of a crew member’s comments all the way back in July. So yes this is how long it has been going on for.

I understand that actresses are stupid, but while we’re shooting Eric says his lines but she won’t do hers a lot of the time; she says she doesn’t want to do things that make her look funny so she won’t say her lines. She came all the way to far away Mungyeong, turned off her manager’s cell phone, and they just left the set together; because of that the other actors/staff had to put up with a really tight schedule and that made everyone tired. They had to go back to Mungyeong to film that scene. She wanted less scenes with her in them because she’s tired and asked instead to extend Eric’s scenes. In the scenes where she has to appear with Eric together she doesn’t show any consideration for Eric; she just goes in to quarrel with the director. Filming for the drama’s plainly going to be mostly all-nighters and the drama will practically be broadcast live, but she says she wants a 5 day workweek and she also wants us to finish up filming for the day everyday at midnight. We have to build up the Myeongwol-Kang Woo relationship and continue the melo story but she makes Eric look stupid because she doesn’t even try to understand what the script is about. All the news came out because of her but the next day she didn’t even look apologetic and she went around proudly. She never wants to do anything that makes her look funny or bad; in the scene where she had to get hit with eggs she treated the stuntman so badly when there was nothing wrong and she made the stuntman film the scene for her. Sidus can’t control her, so in the articles written against Han Yeseul they made Eric look bad too along with her when he’s trying his best. The atmosphere at the set is great when Han Yeseul is not there but when she comes in, it changes; it settles down. Even when we try to tell Han Yeseul’s staff and the production company about this she just acts as she pleases. If she does it one more time I think I’m going to swear directly in her face next time I see her. I’m sorry this is so unorganized, I’m so mad.


Earlier today, the media reported that Han Ye Seul had refused to show up for the filming of her drama, KBS’s ‘Spy Myung Wol’. Representatives of her agency, Sidus HQ, have come out with an explanation for the four-hour standby she forced onto the cast and staff.

Through Newsen, they explained, “Han Ye Seul is physically not in great condition, which is why she hasn’t gone to the film set yet. As reports said, it is true that she was also late for filming on August 12th. Yesterday, however, filming was scheduled to end at 2 AM but it ended at 5 AM instead. There was another filming scheduled for 7 AM, so isn’t it only natural that she isn’t able to make it?”

According to the representative, the producers of the drama and Han Ye Seul had conflicts when it came to balancing their schedules.

The representative added, “Han Ye Seul will return to the film set as soon as she’s in better health.”

Source: Newsen + allkpop

9 thoughts on “[11.08.14] Sidus HQ explains why Han Ye Seul hasn’t shown up for ‘Spy Myung Wol’ (via allkpop)

  1. How stupid that girl is~!?? How could she put many many people including the casts and crew members into trouble?? Does she even know that she is breaking other people’s career juz for her own satisfaction??? how selfish she is…!! Oh, what a poor Eric..! He becomes a victim in YeSeul’s selfishness!!!! She should know that many people’s career and hopes, and many many audience’s hope, all depends on her one decision. In her manners, she juz like throwing the audiences’ hope for her. She is an actress, she can’t live up without audiences’ love. Has she forgot that???

  2. I don’t even know what to think of all this now… I can’t comprehend how Eric films some close scenes with her then O.o Pity, I like this serial so much *sighs*

  3. oh by the way Sidus: “The representative added, “Han Ye Seul will return to the film set as soon as she’s in better health.” ~ so this means screw you filming schedule?! *CHUCKLES*

  4. aish it really changes the mood watching the drama for me.

    I don’t understand if one has signed up for a drama, shouldn’t it be THE 1st priority of all other schedules? I hope she feels better if she’s not well but a phone call to the crew to let them know she’s late would show courtesy and avoiding such issue. I hope Yeseul, Sidus & the production can sit down and straighten up the scheduling problem for the rest of the episodes

    At this rate, I don’t know if the 16 episodes can finish on time let alone extensions. A good lesson why K-drama should not do live shooting or at least gives it ample lead up time rather than scrambling everything at minutes it things happen

    I hope Eric take good care since he has been loosing some weight compare to when the drama 1st started out. Panda eye Eric is still loved! 😀

    1. but, i gotta agree this did change the mood when watching this drama. i dont think i can enjoy it much as i enjoyed it before . poor Eric

  5. seriously,i dont think she is that bad,, of course i’m her fan….i’m proud to say 1.if she is what the so called staff say she was,how can she complete filming COUPLE OR TROUBLE drama years back…in that drama, she is dumber than this drama…perhaps it just Sidus didnt came up with word that well.well, you know, Sidus can come up with word like HYS is sick and so on, if she say that “Yesterday, however, filming was scheduled to end at 2 AM but it ended at 5 AM instead. There was another filming scheduled for 7 AM, so isn’t it only natural that she isn’t able to make it?” wouldnt that make her look bad-not pro at all?Oh God, please tell me everything was just a dream, and perhaps just a surprise for us and tomorrow we can see her face again…please…please…please…

  6. I don’t want to judge her coz personally i don’t know her, and i don’t care about her. But when she starting to make my oppa Eric bad and looks stupid, girls you better pull yourself together and wake up because you are not that big primadonna. Don’t let success clouded your mind and make your big head. And as a human being, you must take into consideration of your fellow workers, for without them, you are nothing. wake up wake up

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