[11.08.13] Eric’s management explains stand on controversial religious tweet, “The misunderstanding has been resolved”

I won’t go into the details here, but in summary Eric got into a little exchange of tweets with a follower, and tweeted something (which he has since deleted) that was somewhat religiously insensitive. He subsequently got hounded by netizens, and now news media have also picked up on this religious “spat”. In any case, Eric has said that he will be taking a break from Twitter for now. The translation for his final two tweets can be found at Shinhwa Biz

My take is this: Religion has been, is, and always will be a sensitive issue. Especially when we’re talking about an unforgiving environment such as Korean cyberspace, it always pays to be EXTREMELY careful. Unfortunately for him whatever he wrote has touched some nerves, and as expected Korean netizens are having a field day taking his words out of context.

But no point dwelling on what has been said, and let’s just move on. Twitter is evil. -_-


Eric’s management has made a clarification about his tweets on religion.

In a phone interview with Newsen on 12 August, Eric’s rep expressed, “(The tweet) is definitely not directed at anyone in particular. He has been busy filming his drama lately, and in his physically and mentally worn out state, he wrote a tweet containing some religious comments. This was misconstrued by a netizen and his comments came about while trying to explain himself to the netizen.”

“The episode with the netizen has already come to a close. I hope there’s no further misunderstanding.”

This controversy came about after Eric had gotten involved in an exchange of tweets with a netizen regarding Venerable Beop-Jeong (one of the most respected contemporary monks in Korea) and Christianity.

Credits: Newsen + Absolut Shinhwa

7 thoughts on “[11.08.13] Eric’s management explains stand on controversial religious tweet, “The misunderstanding has been resolved”

  1. i hate christians. they always do stuff like these.
    they have to remember that they are asians, and they have to uphold their culture too. so many asian christians dont respect the way of their ancestors and think christianity is above all.

    Koreans always complain when Kpop stars become too ‘westernized’ but they dont realize that christianity is also doing the same thing!

    1. i agree .. i find s. koreans to be so fickle… religion is only trend to them… 10 yrs ago most were Buddhists n now all of a sudden they r christians esp.. celebrities why cuz its in trend…. s. korean christians sound like fing lunatic republic n GOP n tea party christians in america… how can i possibly tolerate more ignorance…. i get annoyed by fing sarah palin , michelle bachman n Glenn beck the scum of the earth…

  2. i can’t really just sit and say nothing again regarding Eric’s dilema. Oppa, I’m still your ever loyal fan, just want you to know that i love you no matter what. Be strong, be healthy, and take care.. May the Good Lord be with you always..hwaiting

  3. If that follower didn’t give him a FALSE quote and if he didn’t reacted to it, all this would not happen. Regardless of the choice for social networking (Twitter, Facebook, Cyworld…), when the media & nertizens want to take things out of context & spice thing up, trouble will start. Wonder why Korean has high rate of suicide & why their artists are under so much pressure?

    Any way, I’m glad seeing how he deal with the situation in a mature manner. It’s nice seeing him explains the situation clearly in the last 2 tweets, genuinely apologizes for his part and remains a positive soul despite the commotions from the media & insults mentions flying his way.

    Dealing all that and he’s sorry & worry that we’re worry for him….. Eric ah I love you more.
    Stay strong and comeback to Twitter when you’re ready. In the mean while I’m going to miss your long ass tweets even though I don’t understand them if not for the wonderful translators

    1. @Phi really really love your comment because you are absolutely correct, so let’s just stay as the loyal followers of Eric, for we both know that he is just being honest to himself, though some people take it in the wrong way. Many thanks Phi…

  4. i thought Korea is like united states have that freedom of speech. Expressing your opinion is really good, and i don’t think whatever is the issue here, Eric would really deliberately harming anyone in particular. Followers are asking his opinion, so the best thing he could do is to be sincerely honest to them. If ever he hurt someone in particular, he didn’t mean it. Aside from that, let’s face the reality of cyberspace or tweeter or whatever you may call it, it is up to the people on how you understand and cope up with what you are seeing or reading in the wonderful world of cybernet or cyberspace. As for Eric, i just want to tell you this ” be yourself” do not be afraid as long as you know in your heart that you didn’t hurt anyone. You are known in Korea to be outspoken with regards of your opinion and defending your members, so Fighting. God Bless you always…

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