[11.08.12] Spy Myungwol gets an extension, sort of (via Dramabeans)

If you hear one source tell it, KBS’s Monday-Tuesday comedy Myung-wol the Spy is getting two more episodes added to its initial 16-episode order. Another source says it’s not an extension, because the drama was always meant to have 18. Yet another says that no, it’s not an extension, because the drama’s length was meant to be fluid from the start, so it’s not that it has been lengthened so much as it has now been decided.

Bottom line: The show will end with Episode 18.

Despite struggling in the ratings — sageuk dramas Warrior Baek Dong-soo and Kye Baek are both performing better — Myung-wol even went as far as considering a longer extension that would have placed it at 20 episodes. The possibility of 20 had been on the table from the start, so the cast’s contracts actually are for 20 episodes, meaning that no additional negotiations were necessary in making the decision.

A rep from KBS stated that the extension doesn’t have anything to do with its follow-up show, action drama Poseidon, although given all of Poseidon’s troubles getting off the ground and the extreme lateness of its casting, I smell PR bull in that answer. Of course they’ll want to give Poseidon more time, and it’s not like Myung-wol was doing well enough in the ratings to justify the addition on its own. The numbers have climbed a bit with the latest episode, netting a 7.6%, but it’s still single digits.

Read the full article HERE.

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