[11.08.01] Eric’s Twitter update: About the mention of Junjin and Shinhwa Company in “Spy Myungwol” Ep 7

Choongjae is so happy to hear his name on TV, just like a kid~ Looks like the members, except Andy who’s serving his duties, have all watched tonight’s episode, their messages keep coming~…… Saying that Sailor Moon Han Ye-seul is cute… Uploading a sesame-like screenshot and then I’m headed for overnight filming for the 5th night in a row~ I’ll try to have fun filming Ep 8~!

From Eric’s Ep 7 script:

Dae-kang: That’s what I said too. But he keeps wanting to speak directly to hyung..
Kang Woo: Get rid of him. Unconditionally.
Dae-kang: Yah if he calls, don’t answer.
Road Manager: Yes.
President Kyung: Those people are really.. I heard that there’s Shinhwa’s Junjin. He pestered him like this too and in the end he’s going to sing a few songs. Just leave it as it is or something.
Kang Woo: Me together with Junjin? Our levels are different.
President Kyung: Well then… There’s nothing else in particular, right?

Screenshot of their group chat

Lee Minwoo (10.38pm): Hilarious puahaha Shinhwa Company’s CEO is vicious! Out of control
Eric (10.39pm): Hehe I couldn’t do the lines that made fun of Jinnie~ Hehe anyway isn’t it timed perfectly with the press release for Shinhwa Company? Hehe
Lee Minwoo (10.40pm): Are you vicious or am I vicious hehe
Eric (10.40pm): You
Kim Dongwan (11.14pm): Kekekekekeke

Credits: @miclarge1 + Absolut Shinhwa

7 thoughts on “[11.08.01] Eric’s Twitter update: About the mention of Junjin and Shinhwa Company in “Spy Myungwol” Ep 7

  1. We knew this would happen with these two CEOs ahahaha~
    JInnie! *squish* Getting so happy even though he’s been on TV almost daily for 10 years lolz

    Haven’t watched ep 7 yet T___T

  2. DAEBAK.. HAHA Our witty boys.. Trying to get themselves more out there than they already are.. Hehe.. Too bad they didnt use the crab’s name… I could see Eric making fun of him easily.. HAHA


      1. *smacks Forehead*

        I think once he stops shaping his eyebrows… He is back in business… Lol

  3. ahahaha OMG I wonder whose idea that injecting that little Shinhwa awesomeness in this episode! It is just as current as it can get!

    Here is the cut for that particular part.

    It’s been so long since we hear about Junjin and it has to be on national TV! muahahahaha (♥)

    Filming for EP.08 NOW? It’s on air tomorrow………… Eric has been filming overnight 5 days in a row…. they don’t really have much lead time at all do they? 2-3 days of filming before it makes to the editing room then on air…. Hope all the cast & crew take good care of themselves. Hwaiting.

  4. HAHAHA i could imagine how excited Jinnie is..lol
    and poor Minbong, being the bad one~kekeke
    i’m loving episoee 7 of Spy Myeongwol! Shinhwa mention in it, just a bless!^__^

    thanks for translating

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