[11.08.01] Shinhwa to make comeback next March with 3 months of activities, including concert and TV appearances

Shinhwa will return to the music scene next March.

Shinhwa’s rep told Star News on 1 August, “Shinhwa will release a new album next March to kick off their activities. In conjunction with the album, they will also be holding a concert and making appearances on TV shows.”

Responding to some reports about an Asia tour in June, the rep said, “There are plans for 3 months of activities from March onwards. It’s still too early to discuss an Asia tour.”

With some of its members currently serving their military duties now, Shinhwa – the longest-standing idol group in Korea – has been on a hiatus. Lee Minwoo and Junjin are currently public service officers while Andy is now serving in active duty. Lee Minwoo will join his fellow members once his military service concludes on 6 March next year.

The rep added, “The members are having very positive discussions about their group activities next year. Recently they have been ironing the details for the setting up of Shinhwa Company.”

Having made their début in 1998, Shinhwa have headed into their 13th year with the original members. The members embarked on their solo activities after the release of the group’s repackaged 9th album in July 2008.

Credits: Star News + Absolut Shinhwa

15 thoughts on “[11.08.01] Shinhwa to make comeback next March with 3 months of activities, including concert and TV appearances

  1. omg. can I die? oops not yet… gaaaah this is what I have been waiting for!!!!
    I know I have been extremely MIA lately on all things Shinhwa… bah humbug that’s what real life does to people LOL. Anyway, despite everything, I have not forgotten about my Shinhwa, no, not at all. I have been patiently waiting… and now, I can’t believe they’re coming back soon! Finally! Something to look forward to!!!

    Just as an aside… Mari, wherever you are, I really do wish you were here right now. Celebrating Shinhwa’s comeback just doesn’t feel the same without you…

  2. gosh!!i’ve been waiting for this!! why do i feel like i’m about to cry!!!
    hay!!the long wait is over the LEGENDS are back!!!

  3. yatta! it’s confirmed~ march 2012.. it’ll be their 14th anniversary. can’t wait for u guys~ just hearing about solo activity of eric, hyesung, and dongwan won’t satisfied me enough. It has to be the six of you~ 🙂

  4. Yahooooooooo….Make my day…=)..return of LEGEND…hopefully no delaying….Shinhwa fighting…anybody know where can i get an old DVD about SHINHWA…???

  5. Oh my! Yay confirmation! 😀 Hopefully all will go according to plans, and no delays will come up! 🙂

  6. Great news ,its make my day. They will kick off their activities from March onwards, any chance of foreign fans able to get tickets for their concert , its been so long since their last concert.I’ve been waiting for such news about them for so long and I really wish to see them .Shinhwa, Shin hyesung and the rest are fantastic artists and singers They are my idols for life, Shinhwa Forever!!!

  7. Cant wait!! I remember their 10 anniversary concert in 2008, it was sad that they had to leave for MS. But now they’re coming back!!!! OMG!!! long time coming for legends. all smiles with this news 🙂

  8. SUPA AWESOME!!! *0*

    i hope we’d get the Shinhwa show like they mentioned some years ago. XDD ❤

    thanks for the wonderful news, sumi! ^^

  9. this is a great news in the beginning of august…
    March next year will coming soon…i know it 🙂

    Six Shinhwa will comeback again…can’t wait…

  10. this is like an energy pill for me after going through a real rough day yesterday!
    arh… Asia Tour… make it happen! dun just go to Japan… we South East Asia ppl need u guys here too!!!

  11. Wonderful news!!!! I really miss the time when they do ALOT of promo activities in 2006.
    Shinhchang get ready!!!

  12. Thanks Su!!

    This is really one great news to kick start the day/week/month!!! Although March is more than half year later, but then we have waited for years so what is months to us?! Peanuts!! Lol XD

    Our men are coming back!!! Woohoo!!!

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