[11.07.28] Eric’s Twitter update: Minwoo’s birthday

I’ve been out of action these days I know.. Been very busy on a project at work, thus the lapse in updates 😦 But I’ve gotta take time off to do this post… Coz it’s Minbong’s birthday today!!!


Lee Minwoo (11.55pm): In another 5 minutes it will be this oppa’s birthday 🙂
Jung Pil Gyo (11.55pm): Good job. Good night
Eric (11.55pm): I know! I deliberately didn’t say anything and waited.. You stupid grasshopper..

Today’s the birthday of self-claimed cool guy Lee Minwoo who takes care of singing, rap and dance choreography in Shinhwa~ Was going to congratulate him anyway but I don’t know if he was feeling anxious or what, he asked to be congratulated on KakaoTalk~ It’s a time when he needs everyone’s congratulations~ Ah an important meeting between Shinhwa Company CEOs Eric, Minbong and other officials just ended a while ago. Today’s a day when everyone can smile^^

Credits: @miclarge1 + Absolut Shinhwa


12 thoughts on “[11.07.28] Eric’s Twitter update: Minwoo’s birthday

  1. Puhahha I love when Eric calls them name… “you stupid grasshopper…” it’s like he is five and a bully. Lol

  2. the ceo’s of shinhwa company? ❤ ❤ love to hear that!
    Anyway, Happy BIRTHDAY to the one of the ceo's~ Lee Minwoo!!!!
    patiently waiting for Shinhwa's comeback!!

  3. Happy birthday Minwoo! I hope you’ll have an amazing and memorable day. 🙂 Hahah he was worried that people would forget? What a cutie… 🙂

  4. Happy Birthday Minwoo , you;re the spark in Shinhwa . May your day be full of your dreams come true.Be well, Be Healthy

  5. Happy birthday Lee Minwoo!!! I wish you all the happiness and success in the world! 사랑해요!!!

    Today’s a day when everyone can smile^^ 신화산!

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