[11.07.19] Liveworks notice: Kim Dongwan to play patriot poet Yi Yuk-sa in MBC Liberation Day drama special “The Vertex

Hello, how are you? This is Liveworks Company. We’re bringing some long-awaited news to all the fans who have been looking forward to seeing Kim Dongwan the actor.

Kim Dongwan has been chosen to play the lead role of “Yi Yuk-sa” in the upcoming MBC Liberation Day drama special “The Vertex” (scriptwriter Hwang Jin-young; director Lee Sang-yeob).

Kim Dongwan plays the role of Yi Yuk-sa (born Yi Won-rok) in the drama special “The Vertex”, a biography that depicts the tumultuous life of the poet and independence fighter, who penned poems such as “Wilderness”, “The Peak”, “Green Grapes”; and devoted himself to the independence movement. He was imprisoned due to his involvement in the movement but later continued to stay active using his assigned prisoner number 264 (pronounced yi-yuk-sa in Korean). He was arrested for interrogation on 17 occasions and eventually passed away at the age of 40.

Moreover, being a drama that tells the life story of an independence fighter who bore the burden of pain of the times, it is a special comeback project for Kim Dongwan.

Meanwhile, besides Kim Dongwan, “The Vertex” also stars established actors such as Oh Hyun Kyung, Go Doo Shim, Lee Seung Ho, Seo Hyun Jin and Park Sung Woon, creating even more anticipation for the 2-episode drama special that’s slated for broadcast in mid-August. We will inform everyone of the exact broadcast dates once they are confirmed.

We hope all the fans will give their support and encouragement to Kim Dongwan who’s making his drama comeback with the Liberation Day special.

Credits: Liveworks + Absolut Shinhwa

A tweet from Liveworks CEO Lee Jang Eon:

How will Dongwannie tackle the role of the poet Yi Yuk-sa? I’m also really looking forward to it. Before watching the drama, do read through Yi Yuk-sa’s poets once and try to understand the meaning behind them. After that, it will be a lot more meaningful when you’re watching the drama.


One thought on “[11.07.19] Liveworks notice: Kim Dongwan to play patriot poet Yi Yuk-sa in MBC Liberation Day drama special “The Vertex

  1. Aww yay 🙂 I’m glad wannie has gotten another acting role! Congrats 🙂 hope all goes smoothly!

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