[11.07.11] Eric’s shower scene in “Spy Myungwol” revealed

Singer-actor Eric’s shower scene and pool scene were revealed in the “Spy Myungwol” special of Yeo Yoo Man Man, aired on 11th July. The special episode also featured interviews with the main cast – Eric, Han Ye Seul, Lee Jin Wook, Jang Hee Jin.

The Yeo Yoo Man Man team went on the set of Spy Myungwol’s location shoot at a hotel in Singapore. In a scene that sets female hearts fluttering, Eric filmed a topless shower scene, after which he continued to film topless for his pool scene. Eric was also seen doing push-ups to warm up his muscles before filming.

When asked about the secrets to keeping himself in shape, Eric said, “After I was confirmed for the drama there wasn’t much time left. Although I wanted to have a muscular body like other actors but I knew that I didn’t have time so I worked on losing weight as I prepared for filming.”

Meanwhile Eric also disclosed that for the filming of a concert scene in Singapore, he bought, out of his own pocket, 800 hamburgers for his fans.

Credits: TV Report + Absolut Shinhwa

2 thoughts on “[11.07.11] Eric’s shower scene in “Spy Myungwol” revealed

  1. he doesn’t really need to loose more weight. Ricky doesn’t have an all out muscular 6-packs like others but I love his well toned & well proportioned torso.

  2. That’s a Leader with his own pocket he really love the fans and take good care too. I’m so glad to be his fan and his band as well and the body is so gorgeous he must have worked hard on it. Well done Eric !!

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