[11.07.07] Eric, “the lethal charmer” vs Lee Jin Wook, “the man you want to seduce”

Han Ye Seul must have saved the world in her past life. Lucky girl~~~


Upcoming KBS drama “Spy Myungwol” will see a showdown between its two leading men Eric and Lee Jin Wook as they pit their different charms against each other.

In the drama, Eric plays Kang Woo, South Korea’s top Hallyu star, who sports a sophisticated style and leads a glamorous lifestyle. With luxury items like his gallery house, his convertible, designer suits, plus his masterpiece abs that he shows off early on in the drama, Eric will set the ladies’ hearts aflutter.

In addition to his flamboyant image, Kang Woo has his other charms too. Growing up as an orphan, he underwent harsh training as a newcomer before achieving his current status, Kang Woo is a character who is highly professional and constantly pushes himself. With the exception of North Korean spy Han Myungwol (played by Han Ye Seul), Kang Woo would fall in love for real with his co-star for a movie and just walk away without looking back once filming ends. Kang Woo’s level-headedness has landed him the nickname of “chi-mae-nam” (a man with a lethal charm)

Introducing the character of Kang Woo, Eric said, “I share many similarities with the character but I’m not cold-hearted towards girls. After a tough childhood, to preserve his current status he is very thorough with his self-management, and thus he tends to treat people coldly.”

If Kang Woo is dubbed “chi-mae-nam”, Lee Jin Wook’s character of Choi Ryu is similarly dubbed “kko-peun-nam” (a man you’d want to seduce).

As a North Korean spy who has infiltrated the South, Choi Ryu is the commander of North Korea’s special elite forces. His character has a chilling stare, and a tanned and muscular physique, who is also highly skilled in martial arts and perfectly executes all orders given, not unlike Kang Woo who strives for perfection in his work too.

But when dealing with love, Choi Ryu is clearly different from Kang Woo. While Kang Woo moves ahead with love in a perfectly planned manner, Choi Ryu quietly nurtures his love. Though Choi Ryu assigns fellow spy Myungwol to marry top Hallyu star Kang Woo, as time passes he finds himself falling in love with her and getting into a conflict with himself.

Facing such superior qualities and falling into the happy dilemma of choosing between these two charming men, curiosity is mounting as to who Han Myungwol will choose.

Myungwol’s mission to bring Hallyu star Kang Woo back to North Korea and the bumbling romance that results between them will be shown in “Spy Myungwol”, which takes over “Babyfaced Beauty” and will air its first episode on 11th July at 9.55pm on KBS 2TV.

Credits: Reviewstar + Absolut Shinhwa

2 thoughts on “[11.07.07] Eric, “the lethal charmer” vs Lee Jin Wook, “the man you want to seduce”

  1. anxiously waiting for the drama–Eric and the other casts look great.I’m sure while filming in Singapore they have endure our hot weather. I want to see the lethal charmer and beautiful spy

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