[11.07.06] Shin Hyesung concludes successful fanmeetings in Japan

Singer Shin Hyesung celebrated the 3rd anniversary of his official Japanese fanclub ‘Always Hyesung’ with two successful fanmeetings held in Tokyo.

Titled “Always HYESUNG’s Day 2011”, the two fanmeetings were held at 4pm and 7pm on 3rd July.

He made his entrance with a performance of his title track ‘Tick Tock Tick Tock’ from his 4th album, to the resounding cheers from the fans who filled the venue. After the song, he further impressed the fans when he greeted them in Japanese.

There was also a poll held on Shin Hyesung’s fashion style and hairstyle, and he also answered questions from fans.

This fanmeeting was held to commemorate Always Hyesung’s 3rd anniversary, and there were many touching moments throughout the session. The cake was presented in the midst of the fanmeeting, and the fans created a human wave with heart signs using their hands as a surprise.

Moved, Shin Hyesung said, “The 4th anniversary, the 5th anniversary… Let’s celebrate it every year together from now on”. To honour his promise, he even took a proof shot with the fans and the cake.

In addition, Shin Hyesung also shared videos from his 4th album and his Seoul concert. He ended the 2-hour fanmeeting with a track called “Think About It”, taken from his latest album.

Shin Hyesung said, “It was a meaningful and happy time spent together with Always Hyesung to celebrate their 3rd anniversary. A big thank you to all the fans who have been giving me their unchanging love, and I hope we can be together for the 4th anniversary, 5th anniversary and even 10 years on.”

Having successfully held his concert in Seoul last month, Shin Hyesung is now preparing to hold his concert in Busan on 23 July and in Shanghai on 6 August.

Credits: Osen + Absolut Shinhwa

4 thoughts on “[11.07.06] Shin Hyesung concludes successful fanmeetings in Japan

  1. Love his voice!!!!will he be able 2 appear in any music programs…i really want 2 c him in Music Bank huhu…Hye Sung fighting!!!!

  2. He’s so nice with his fans~ that’s why I love him this much ♥

    Let’s spend a thousand year together~~♥♥♥

    Thanks for sharing, Sumi ❤

  3. Always Hyesung is Always missed by his fans.Hyesung nevers fails to disappoint us ,his charisma and his charms. Most of all he delivers beautiful songs, thanks Hyesung.

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