[11.07.06] Eric’s Twitter updates: Conversations with fans about YouVersion Bible Plan

It’s almost like he is the spokesperson for the app. LOL

Think along the lines of about five chapters per day, if you read two from the Old Testament, two from the New Testament, one from the Book of Psalms, you won’t get bored and you can see a link between the Old Testament and the New Testament! This is how I’ve been reading these days^^*

Oh~ Me too. If you see the YouVersion Bible Reading Plan that’s how it’s planned for each day: Book of Genesis 1,2; Book of Psalms 1,2; Gospel of Matthew 1,2. There’s an iPhone app too so it’s convenient.

I… Is it ok if I ask you something? I went to Kyobo to look for the book called YouVersion Bible Reading Plan you mentioned but I couldn’t find it. Can you tell me where I can buy it?

You can try searching on the Internet, it’s an iPhone app. And there’s a Korean version. This app brings you a daily reading from the Bible. There are both Korean and English versions.

Credits: @miclarge1 + Absolut Shinhwa

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