[11.07.05] Spy Myungwol’s Eric: I’m getting no help from the Shinhwa members

Singer/actor Eric (Mun Jung Hyuk) shared some of his “unhappiness” with his fellow members from Shinhwa.

At the press conference for the upcoming KBS drama Spy Myungwol held on 5 July at 63 Building, Eric said, “I haven’t received any help from the Shinhwa members while filming the drama.”

Eric is the leader of popular group Shinhwa, and started his acting career with a role in the 2003 MBC drama “Breathless”.

Eric said, “No matter how much I think about it, I haven’t received any help from the Shinhwa members. I asked them to come to my apartment to go through my script with me, but no one came.”

But the members didn’t let Eric down.

“Recently during the poster shoot, I asked them to send me messages for an entertainment news program I was going on. Within 10 minutes all their messages arrived. Usually they don’t return my messages even after an hour.”

Eric also noted that his screen captures of the KakaoTalk chat with fellow members Shin Hyesung, Junjin, Lee Minwoo and Kim Dongwan had made news.

“I thought (the screencaps) wouldn’t make it to the news because there was foul language, but it did anyway. Lately the members are all paying a lot of attention. If I say anything they would respond quickly.”

Credits: Frontier News + Absolut Shinhwa

9 thoughts on “[11.07.05] Spy Myungwol’s Eric: I’m getting no help from the Shinhwa members

  1. Perhaps the Shinhwa members thought they can help any others but not script practicing !! I’m sure neighbour Hyesung will give him lots of moral supports ,they are buddies .Eric is the leader of the band-Shinhwa and members stayed close to their leader right .I’m counting the days to watch the drama.

  2. thats so cute lol you wouldn’t think they were in their thirties ^^
    btw does ‘KakaoTalk’ have a translation.. like what does Kakao mean :S

    1. I’m not exactly sure why they named the app KakaoTalk but I’ll take a shot at this… Maybe it’s because Kakao sounds like the Korean word for “near” or “close”… Don’t take my word for it though! ^^

  3. hahaha I doubt the members would be any help in script practicing….. they would probably end up teasing Ricky at some cheesy lines more than anything or wanting to practice the kiss scenes? LOOOL

    Thanks for the trans Sumi

    1. I AGREE!! and the member who is closest to him is his neighbour hyesung.. i cant imagine hyesung helping him with script practising.. lolzzzzz

      1. bwahahahaha poor crabman probably being bugged every day with script practicing, like it or not…….. loooor

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