[11.07.05] Spy Myungwol press conference: consolidated news

Spy Myungwol’s Mun Jung Hyuk shared his thoughts on his first comeback primetime drama after the completion of his military service at the drama’s official press conference, held at 63 Building in Seoul, at 2pm on 5th July.

“I’ve rested for a long time for my comeback drama/ This drama isn’t heavy, and it’s a drama that I enjoy (making), and the viewers will enjoy. Fortunately, it’s been very comfortable and enjoyable.”

He then quipped, “After completing military service, I’ve gotten older. I’m already in my mid-30s.”

He added, “I’m really glad to be working with Han Ye Seul.”


Eric also disclosed that he feels burdened by the comparison to Cha Seung Won.

“Cha Seung Won sonbaenim did a fantastic job in “Best Love”. There are parts that will be comparable, and there are parts that are different. Honestly I’m worried.”

Eric plays a world famous top Hallyu star named Kang Woo, not unlike that of Cha Seung Won’s Dokko Jin in the recently concluded MBC drama “Best Love”. Of course the characters are different, but there is generally not much difference in that both dramas feature top Hallyu stars and their romances.

Eric said, “In the first half of the drama, there is a scene of me taking to the stage as a singer. It’s my first filming session after military service and I’m playing a singer, but I’m very worried. I’m the only one out of the Shinhwa members who hasn’t done solo music activities yet. I’ve been wanting to but plans have been delayed. That’s why I feel stressed about having to be seen a singer. Fortunately the filming for that scene ended well.”


Originally slated to star in the marine police drama “Poseidon”, whose production was subsequently halted and left hanging in the balance, Eric eventually dropped the drama. However “Poseidon” has recently been picked up by KBS and scheduled after “Spy Myungwol”. During the press conference, Eric was asked if he regretted his decision to drop out of the drama.

“I don’t regret it. But honestly both are dramas that I want to be part of. I didn’t think about “Poseidon” after I committed to “Spy Myungwol”. I’ve tried funny roles and cool roles before, and I wanted to move people with my original role in “Poseidon”. Actually it was a difficult challenge for me to pick “Poseidon” as my comeback drama. After taking on “Spy Myungwol” I feel that this genre is probably better.”


About his first project after being discharged from military service, Eric said, “Initially I was very passionate and wanted to do well. I wanted to shine in anything I do.”

“It’s not that my ambition towards acting has decreased, but rather than to put my efforts across all fields, I want to concentrate on acting.”


Eric mentioned that kiss scenes with his female co-stars helped to dispel the awkwardness between them.

In the early stages of filming in Singapore, we’ve already filmed a kiss scene, and we became more comfortable with each other.

“It was a similar case with Jang Hee Jin. Because it was still in the early stages of filming, although we were still awkward with each other, but we had to do multiple angles for the kiss scene alone and we just got more comfortable. The conclusion is that we have to do more kiss scenes.”

“Spy Myungwol” will air its first episode on KBS2 on 11th July.

Credits: OSEN + Star News + BNT + etoday + Absolut Shinhwa


3 thoughts on “[11.07.05] Spy Myungwol press conference: consolidated news

  1. lolol hahahha are you sure that the kissing makes you feel more comfortable? or have you just been single for too long? hehe 😛

  2. “although we were still awkward with each other, but we had to do multiple angles for the kiss scene alone and we just got more comfortable. The conclusion is that we have to do more kiss scenes.” bwahahahaha kissing helps break the ice LOOOL

    It’s probably more fun to film Spy Myung Wol than Poseidon….

    Thanks for the consolidated news report Sumi

    1. hello phi, you are 100% right, who doesn”t want kiss, with those two beautiful ladies, it”s nice to know that Eric oppa is such a gentleman when it comes to treating her leading ladies. with all the luck in the coming drama, hwaiting.

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