[11.06.30] Eric’s 29th June Twitter updates: The religious tweets…

These were kinda difficult to translate and I’m not sure if I got them right too. In case there’s anything wrong, do point it out – would gladly appreciate it!


Oppa~~ My dad’s a pastor and when I go home this weekend I’ll be able to see the book that can let me receive God’s grace! I’m really thankful to all the Oppa’s,!! If you don’t reply me I won’t let you know ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Seems that I’m a thankful girl too, my prayer stance is no joke ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Please pray~ And start from Day 1 of the 40-day schedule in “The Purpose Driven Life”~ After surviving in the gossip-filled and tough world of showbiz, Christianity may seem old-fashioned to people who don’t believe in faith, but it’s not as bad as what the news and reports paint it to be, it’s really cool and awesome, and I’d like to follow it. I hope to use my life to show it


Oppa’s power got her to top the school and led her to God. Please use that power to let more people receive God’s grace. I’ll pray too^^ Thanks to Oppa I’ve tightened my grip on my faith once again. Oppa, whom I’m always thankful to ㅠㅠ

Isn’t it amazing? Although I’ve done some acceptances at senior high retreat, and experienced many miracles and workings of God, I’m still weak. In the few years with God I’ve drifted away out of burden and guilt. During that time God spoke to me through people that I didn’t expect and touched me. A while ago I watched the play “Dinner With A Perfect Stranger” by invitation of actor Shin Seung Hwan, and I totally pulled myself together again ㅎ It felt like getting hit on the head with a hammer ㅎ Although one can only go to Heaven upon death, eternal life is the part you enjoy from the moment you accept God, it’s what he said through the angels that he sent and people from out of nowhere during this time. During bad times God can hear all your prayers clearly=I understood why bad things can happen. Although there are many of such instances, ultimately the one who rescued me from a few years of spiritual aimlessness was a friend like Shin Seung Hwan who isn’t a Christian… Tada!! I have to quickly pull myself together and make plans to go to Heaven together with our Seung hwan~ Please pray for me~!

Once Oppa came on Twitter.. Followers increased in 1000s; Wow…… I believe in Buddha… Can’t we believe in Buddha? ㅠ_ㅠ I really would like to know;

I think questions about religion start from “What’s after death?” and “Who created the mountains, the sea, the earth and the universe?” Because I’m also full of curiosity and mischief, my skepticism won’t allow me to believe anything without getting a perfect answer. Praise God, glory to God, I’m embarrassed to say things like this too. And giving praise, living a virtuous life, reading the Bible everyday and giving glory to God doesn’t mean you will go to Heaven^^ There’s only one way to get to Heaven~ It’s not enough for me to explain, and I hope even people who are not Christians can read this book and challenge their own faith or my faith. This book isn’t even half of regular books, and it’s not a book that tells you to believe unconditionally. It’s a book that explains with historical evidence to people like us with weak or no faith who have questions or doubts. You’re welcome to discuss it after reading it once through. Even if I can’t reply everyone I will definitely read all mentions related to this book and I will definitely answer what I can answer~


Not a religious tweet, but it’s one of those I missed out yesterday so… ^^

Although I’m in my 20s, I still like Oppa with the heart of a teenage girl. But is Tweetlist easier to use than Tweetbird? When I first started, I used Tweetbird then I changed it… Anyway it’s the rainy season now, don’t get caught in the rain and take care not to catch a cold XD

I don’t know for sure yet but it’s easy and most importantly it arranges all the mentions in unread order and since it has the function of consolidating all the mentions I missed, I want to give Tweetlist passing marks for now~


Oppa! This breeze of tweets ㅋㅋ Please sleep early~~ It has been raining the whole day ㅜㅜ Seems that 80% of Oppa’s tweets are talking about God!

That’s my biggest present to all of you!! After this… Probably weird photos? I can’t always talk about religion~ I think there has to be a strategy for spreading faith too ㅎ I learnt from a good teacher that it has to be done through charisma, not in a forced and burdensome way~ ㅎㅎ Fighting


This fan wrote a looooong tweet which I won’t translate but in summary, she couldn’t understand why omniscient God put his creatures through all kinds of suffering.

I wanted to give you an answer but I think I’ve been talking too much about religious beliefs and it’s not the cool way of spreading faith that I’m thinking of^^ If you really want an answer to your question please read the book that I recommended~ Everyone else who has questions on religious beliefs, you’re welcome to discuss after reading the book~

Credits: @miclarge1 + Absolut Shinhwa

2 thoughts on “[11.06.30] Eric’s 29th June Twitter updates: The religious tweets…

  1. Oh man… You must be a busy girl nowadays… Lol

    At least he is tweeting and hiding anymore…

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