[11.06.30] Eric’s Twitter update: Reply to @KingweelR

It’s a reply to someone who made a not-so-nice comment but I can’t find that tweet anymore – I’m gonna guess that he/she deleted it possibly due to fans spamming him LOL

Original deleted tweet from @KingweelR: Really the ambassador of weirdness. Going on and on about religion, it might be better if you don’t talk about it. Since everyone is curious, it may be better to stay mysterious. It’ll be good if people from the management agency stop taking weird photos too.

KingweelR-nim.. I get the restaurant’s permission to sell rice and then not sell rice at where I make it, is that what you mean… Aren’t you not hungry yet? There’s no food in the world that suits everyone’s taste. I’m Eric and I sell my food^^ Good night and I’m off to upload a weird photo, bye!

Credits: @miclarge1 + Absolut Shinhwa


4 thoughts on “[11.06.30] Eric’s Twitter update: Reply to @KingweelR

  1. three full pages just for twitter? Man still not used to such frequent updates, i must come back often already!

  2. True that, leader-nim!
    I agree…….. and I hope the other person understands words; otherwise, he is not smart enough to be roaming around these pages.. aish! Go away!

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