[11.06.29] Eric’s Twitter update: Conversation with a fan #3

I’m a fan who, after listening to “My Everything”, went to church with a pure mind and received grace^^ I want to always have a thankful heart^^ All the best for your filming^^

Looking at fans like yourself, I’m really moved and grateful.. On the other hand I feel bad too. I haven’t done much to earn all these, and once again I feel that I’ve received God’s grace. Back then I told a fan who came to our dormitory asking for autographs, to go home and that I’ll sign for her when she topped her school, and she really came back after that with her results slip to thank me~

It’s not easy to move people’s hearts, and I’m thankful that God has given Oppa the talent to do so^^ You got her to top the school and led her to God! Although I may sound greedy, I hope Oppa can use the song “My Everything” again when you release your solo album^^

Credits: @miclarge1 + @awayean + Absolut Shinhwa

One thought on “[11.06.29] Eric’s Twitter update: Conversation with a fan #3

  1. WOW i’m love eric so much!!! tweeting to fans, most korean celebs dont even do that. Eric is the best!!

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