[11.06.29] Eric’s Twitter update: Conversation with scriptwriter Jo Jung Eun

This is scripter Jung Eun ㅎ Our female staff members who came to the set were cracking up over yet another photo ㅎ Seems that today’s scene doesn’t involve Oppa ㅎ

Yes, I’m standing by for the blood donation scene and the theater scene.. Seems that you were part of the “Runaway” team??

Yes I did “Runaway” ㅎ Now our staff members are all busy searching for photos of Oppa’s opening pitch ㅎ I don’t know how the outdoor scenes are going to proceed with the heavy rain ㅎ I’ll see you on the set in a bit~~

Credits: @miclarge + @Romantic_JJung + Absolut Shinhwa

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