[11.06.18] Dongwan’s Naver blog: 2011 (main page/profile pic updated)

The reason why I chose Liveworks
Is because it’s a company
That thinks more about how to make me brilliant…
Rather than how to promote and sell me.
Now that we’re working together I feel sorry for them…

Up until now, the companies that I’ve worked with, takes in about 40% of the artist’s opinion,
Whereas Liveworks adopts about 90% of the artist’s opinion.
Although not forgetting 10% of advice…

Whether people are disappointed or happy with the paths we have taken, mostly it was us who made the decisions.
Not Liveworks, which has been working hard for us and worrying on our behalf…

Credits: Dongwan’s Naver blog + Absolut Shinhwa

8 thoughts on “[11.06.18] Dongwan’s Naver blog: 2011 (main page/profile pic updated)

  1. Given the landscape of K-mgmt companies, Wans’s previous managements let their artists have 40% say is quite generous I believe. Shinhwa members aren’t newbies + LW’s CEO and staffs are no strangers to Shinhwa members either so it’s not surprised me LW give our guys more say and decision making in picking their own activities and at their own pace.

    Agree with how Amy feels about it’s backfires on the expense/revenue part, there’s still a business to run after all. It takes lot of gut for a mgmt company to let go that much control over their artists.

    Liveworks’ artists are in good hands!

  2. I have been very observant of SHS’s career so I have observed how LW works and by far, I am loving them so much..
    It must be because Director Lee has been working with SHINHWA since 1999 that he knows them well, so instead of being very authoritative, LW, as a company, and Dir Lee as a producer is there NOT to handle his artists but more of a guide and support..

    I have always hoped LW will handle Shinhwa when they come back, but its good that they bought their own company.. but my trust in LW handling WanSung’s career is big.. I know LW will let them shine in a way that eevryone will feel happy and contented.. because they are NOT just co-workers.. they are, I think ti start with, FRIENDs first and foremost.

  3. I wonder what brought this on…
    Another artist deflected or something about his delayed single?
    Or because he took up the role of Hedwig?

    But Wannie really hit it on the dot about how I feel about LW as a fan 🙂
    I also sometimes feel that Liveworks (carried personnel over from GoodEnt?) is so personal and provide so well for their artist, it actually backfires a little on them and their expenses. They also don’t act as impersonal as they need to be sometimes. It takes a lot more courage and effort to be good.

    It’s good to know our oppas are being taken care of by good people 🙂

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