[11.06.16] Twitpics: Eric at Changi Airport leaving for Seoul

I had to be at work so I wasn’t there 😦 But thank God for social media!

He was ready to sleep! He had his neck pillow on!! AAAAHHHH WHY SO CUTE….

Credits: Linz

Credits: Linz

Credits: @xlinklaux

Credits: @njjeje

Credits: anneleesh6

Manager Lee accidentally stepped on Leadernim’s sunglasses… LOL

Credits: anneleesh6

7 thoughts on “[11.06.16] Twitpics: Eric at Changi Airport leaving for Seoul

  1. I really wonder what time he flown back to korea? Based on the pics it seem like early in the morning?

  2. just regret that I”m not there coz i didn’t know what time will be his flight, presents I bought for him and Mr Lee must just wait until next year in Soul for the reunion of the oppas.
    Eric take care and thank you very much for being gracious though very shy and silent most of the time but I’, very satisfied even just handshake and smile and wink hahaha.
    Mr. Lee, thank you for protecting our idol and may you stay healthy and more power. fighting. To all the staff of KBS most especially to the director and assistant director , thank you for the photo shooting with us, i will post it after the premier of the Myungwol in korea, as a debt of gratitude to all. Many thanks

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