[11.06.16] Dongwan on Radio Star (consolidated news)

Kim Dongwan, “Minwoo and Eric will be co-CEOs of Shinhwa Company”

Shinhwa member Kim Dongwan has announced Shinhwa’s impending comeback with the setting up of Shinhwa Company.

On the 15th June episode of MBC’s Radio Star, Kim Dongwan said, “Shinhwa Company will probably be set up in another 2 months’ time. All things related to Shinhwa will be managed by this company.”

He added, “The official announcement is in the pipeline.” About Lee Minwoo and Eric taking the helm, Kim Dongwan said, “(All the members) have put in equal amounts of investment, but they will be stepping up to take up responsibility (for the company).”

When fellow guest Lee Hyunwoo brought up the topic of his nude portrait, the MCs said, “If we’re talking about nude, we have to mention Shinhwa.” The MCs went on to ask Kim Dongwan about the “first ever idol nude photobook”.

Kim Dongwan went on to re-enact some of the poses he did in the photobook. When Kim Gura asked, “There’s someone who lay down”, to which Kim Dongwan replied, “That was me. There were shots where I lifted banana leaves, where I was hanging from a tree and where I was lying down.” He re-emulated those poses much to the amusement of everyone on the set.

When asked about the sales of the photobook, he said, “It was a limited edition so it was sold out.”

Credits: Newsen + Absolut Shinhwa

5 thoughts on “[11.06.16] Dongwan on Radio Star (consolidated news)

  1. This time of their lives is really the sign of them getting matured in their future, though not their behaviour because i think it’s a lifetime assets of the oppas hahaha. Setting up their own company will lead them to more success I’m so positive about it because i never heard them become reckless with their money and they are very responsible in any endevour they are taking especially Eric. For the shinhwa fans just keep the faith and I’m sure their success is our success to conquer.

  2. I’m very excited about Shinhwa Company but nervous at the same time. I actually hope they at least partner up with another company and share some expenses (revenue also) instead of setting up a brand new office. Oh well will see how it turns out in 2-month time, that is end of August / early September then……

    Hope the media won’t blow this Shinhwa Company update from Wannie and make trouble for him like they did last time.

  3. LoL ㅋㅋㅋ no comment about photo album >< and wait for Shinhwa Company! Mansae~~

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