[11.06.15] Eric unveils self-composed track ‘Hands Up’ for new drama ‘Spy Myung Wol’

Just wanna say I really liked the song…AND THE CHOREOGRAPHY! Well primarily because I haven’t seen him dance in a LONG LONG LONG time ^^


AND ALSO – I know some things reported here are a little different from what really happened, but hey it’s all for publicity so… 🙂 What’s important is that we did our part to help him with the drama and I’m sure we enjoyed it to some extent right? ^^


Eric, who is currently filming the upcoming drama “Spy Myungwol” on location in Singapore, drew rousing cheers from fans who gathered on 12 June to help shoot a concert scene.

Eric plays the character of Korea’s top Hallyu star Kang Woo in the drama, and being part of a pioneer idol group himself, the scene looked as if it was straight out of a real concert, with his impressive rap and vibrant performance. On this day, Eric unveiled for the first time a song that he wrote himself. The hip-hop rap and powerful rhythms in the upbeat “Hands Up” is very suited for Eric’s vocal color.

Eric said, “I wrote the song and lyrics especially for the character of Kang Woo. We also worked on preparing an impressive choreography and performance in order to complement the Hallyu star status of the character.

Meanwhile, Eric’s fans volunteered to be part of the filming of the concert scene, with approximately 800 fans from Singapore, Thailand, Japan and Indonesia holding placards and cheering loudly on the cue of the production crew.

Eric also prepared about 800 burgers for the fans, some of whom stayed on late into the night. He also conveyed his gratitude to the fans, “Thanks to the fans who came for the filming and stayed on late, I was really very happy.”

“Spy Myungwol” which tells of the romance between North Korean spy Han Myung Wol (Han Ye Seul) and Hallyu star Kang Woo (Eric), will air its pilot episode on 11 July.

Credits: JoyNews24 + Osen + Absolut Shinhwa

25 thoughts on “[11.06.15] Eric unveils self-composed track ‘Hands Up’ for new drama ‘Spy Myung Wol’

  1. hic hic I was looking forward to the showcase scene & the song since I heard quite many rave about it (from the non fans as well)…..

    were there many retakes because he “kept falling behind the beat?” ……

      1. That’s strange.. cause the person who told me that lunch will be provided was the PD.. not Manager.. Manager only said it’s to show gratitude to the fans.. =/

        ahh i miss all of them ~~~ ><

          1. k then~~ 🙂 delete my comments then~~ just wanted to ask~~ cos if it’s so~ it’s damn nice of him laaaa~~~ whichever way.. shall leave it as it is

  2. Su Mi, anyone knows about his schedule before they take off tomorrow? T_T desperately wants to know >,<~ *stalker mode on* hihihihihi.

    1. They are departing Singapore on the 8am flight tmr, SQ608. Other than that, like you I’m also searching for his whereabouts =(

      1. I was there when this part is being filmed, Eric is not falling behind the beat and knowing Eric he is not the type of powerful dancer , just simple but really suave moves that really suits him. The song he wrote is really cool and he sounded like american or westeners in delivering his words. And also regarding the dance, he did sometimes make changes especially the part where he will jump maybe because it’s quite too high, but everything is really perfect especially ERIC

  3. Eric prepared about 800 burgers for the fans…wow that’s really sweet 🙂
    can’t wait for Spy Myungwol to be air soon

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