[11.06.14] Eric’s handsome back on the streets of Singapore

Photos of Eric filming on the streets of Singapore have been circulating around online forums and raising much interest. Eric is currently filming in Singapore for the upcoming KBS2 drama “Spy Myungwol”, co-starring Han Ye Seul.

The photographs show Eric dressed in a blue shirt and white pants, exhibiting a handsome back view. Viewed from the side, Eric is just as suave with his sunglasses on.

Netizens have expressed, “Really looking forward to Eric’s comeback”; “He shines even in Singapore”; “He has a really great height, so handsome”.

Eric plays the character of Kang Woo in the drama, a top Hallyu star who encounters a beautiful North Korean spy Han Myungwol (played by Han Ye Seul).

Credits: TV Report + Absolut Shinhwa

8 thoughts on “[11.06.14] Eric’s handsome back on the streets of Singapore

  1. hello, I was there when this part is being shot and confirmed ladies that our oppa is indeed very handsome and even after taking a nap in the coffee bean shop, more more more handsome.
    He is very shy, even when you are near him he will not look at you straight but on the ground, but when you call him he will wave, thats why i don’t have any complain even i never have photo with him but i did approach him and ask for handshake and he extend his hand with a smile in that handsome face and take my hand.
    I will never forget that day and would like to thank Eric for being nice even his hair stylist and PA as well as Mr . Lee for giving us the opportunity to have picture with me and my friend. also want to thank Mr. Lee for protecting Eric and taking care of him, love you for that sir. More power to you Oppa Eric and Sir manager Mr. Lee. Fighting

    1. Eric napped in the coffee bean shop? in between take for that taxi scene? hahaha Eric and his ability of falling asleep any where any time, that helps him lot to recharge during long hours of filming…

      You did approach Eric and got a handshake with him at film set? Lucky gal, I’m surprise you didn’t get stopped by manager Lee, he’s very protective of Eric ^^

  2. looked very suave..
    sumi, did u see the orchard shooting? when was it?
    any info for their schedule in singapore? the crew go back today or tmrw?

  3. lmaaaooo only if they see the blue flowery fan behind the scene. 😀
    Moving on from the Hello Kitty days? XDDD


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