[11.06.14] Beautiful people Eric and Han Ye Seul in Singapore

(Credits: Eric DC Gallery) Click on image for original size

Upcoming KBS drama “Spy Myungwol” has released photos from their location filming in Singapore.

Eric, Han Ye Seul and Lee Jin Wook arrived in Singapore on the afternoon of 9th June for the filming of Hallyu star Kang Woo’s (played by Eric) overseas concert tour, where he then encounters North Korean agents Han Myungwol (played by Han Ye Seul) and Choi Ryu (played by Lee Jin Wook) for the first time.

In the photo, Kang Woo is seen resting in his hotel suite after completing a concert performance, with his complex expression marking an interesting contrast with his luxurious surroundings.

The scene was shot in the presidential suite of Singapore’s famous integrated resort Marina Bay Sands. This latest landmark in Singapore was constructed by Korea’s Ssangyong E&C, and various parts of the hotel will be showcased for the first time,  further heightening the anticipation for the drama.

On the other hand, Han Ye Seul shot a motorcycle chase scene in the heart of Orchard Road, Singapore’s busiest shopping belt. This scene was of top North Korean agent Han Myungwol tailing Hallyu star Kang Woo who was in a taxi, and the action scene captured everyone’s attention. In the photo, Han Ye Seul is seen dressed in a casual khaki jacket and wearing sunglasses, showing off her charismatic charm.

Filming had to come to a temporary halt when crowds gathered to catch a glimpse of Eric and Han Ye Seul, making the filming process even harder in the hot weather.

“Spy Myungwol” will air its first episode on KBS2 on 11 July at 9.55pm, taking over “Baby Faced Beauty”.

Credits: Osen + Absolut Shinhwa

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