Thank you… and thank you!

Pic credits: @iverates + @TOPCENT

For many of us, yesterday was probably one of the most surreal (and tiring) days of our lives… We were filming together with Eric for his new drama! I mean seriously, how many fans would have the chance to say “I was in the same drama as my idol”? 🙂

Everyone of you who turned up for the filming, YOU WERE AMAZING. Despite some unforeseen changes in the arrangement, you guys stuck it out and put up a really great show. Although I suspect we didn’t have to do much acting since we are, well, FANS. 🙂 And I hope everyone managed to enjoy yourself and have fun. I know some of you lucky people even scored a handshake and photos with Lee Jin Wook! OH HE IS SUCH A CUTE SWEETIE ISN’T HE? Ok, I digress. Hehe.

On behalf of Top Class and the production team, THANK YOU AND THANK YOU over and over again. They kept reminding us to thank everyone for their efforts and that they were apologetic towards the fans. They are really impressed by the fans, and very grateful for everyone’s help. It was really hard work, especially for the 2nd and 3rd scenes. And I hope no one went home with sore throats from all the screaming!

The cast and crew will be doing their filming in Singapore until 15th June, so if you do meet them on the roads, smile and say hello (but without hindering their work of course 🙂 ) I think the crew may actually even recognize us!

Share your thoughts and experiences from yesterday’s filming session here! OH. And please try not to upload/post photos and videos from yesterday’s filming session yeah? The drama isn’t gonna air its first episode until 10th July and I think it’ll be nice to keep it a surprise for everyone 🙂 You can always upload them AFTER the drama starts! ^^

Once again – THANK YOU EVERYONE! I know we all took away with us very special memories from yesterday’s filming – in my opinion, that’s probably the best present Eric could have given us. 🙂

신화장조 최고!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!

16 thoughts on “Thank you… and thank you!

  1. i would like to extend too my many thanks to Nicole and Sumi, sorry on the other ladies don’t know their names you did a very good job, I’m sure Eric and Co will never forget your generousity and hospitality. As for the fans who witnessed and joined the filming (like me) remember that we did it all for the name of SHINHWA especially for ERIC in his comeback drama after the military service. Shinhwa Changio you are the best, more power and God Bless you all.

  2. wahhh… you all so lucky ^_^… cant wait to watch this drama and watch you all have fun there.. hehe

  3. OMG those pix with all of you holding coloured balloons!! i wish i was ther too!! you’re so lucky!!

  4. I heard Top Class’s Stellar member Kim Gayoung was there, wasn’t she? She’ll be playing the sister of the 2nd female lead Jang Hee Jin (a la Korean version of Paris Hilton) 😀

    Any word of which episode the club and hotel scene will be in?

    Can’t wait for its premiere on Jul.11!!

  5. I wasn’t there myself so I have nothing to share but from what I read based on people’s reaction on twitter, the filming went very well.

    Don’t know how much the scene will be shown in the drama, but like Su said “It’s one in life time chance to be part how many fans would have the chance to say ‘I was in the same drama as my idol?’ ” I sure every one will hold this memory fondly.

    Hats off to those of you that took the initiation and slept up to organize this event, as well as those that helped out and of course all the participants. ✩ YOU GALS ROCK!!!!! ✩

  6. thank u sumi and the gank too.. for all ur hardwork gathering us.. organizing..
    hope many more in the future.. SHINHWA come back maybe.. ^^

    yesterday was amazing.. best experience as a fans.. as a girl.. as a woman..
    seeing my idol for so long hours.. can say 6 hours inc on off..oppa is so prof..very different when he’s with SHINHWA members..i bet he enjoyed seeing the 2 dorky dancers..he would love to join them..but….manage to behave himself..

    i was standing beside the supporting actress..guess i was lucky enough to stand on that spot..
    yup i have sore throat now but happy one..
    but for the evening scenes, too bad ERIC wasnot around.. such a shame..and also i couldnt join the midnight filming..

    that’s a short story for me..
    would like to hear others also..

  7. You guys were really amazing! We couldn’t thank you all enough…. it’s tiring but i’m sure it’s all worth it…

  8. it’s a fun event. made new friends with other shinhwa lovers and it is really once in a lifetime experience.
    thanks to Top Class and the production team for giving us the opportunity to attend it and finally I get a chance to see one of the Shinhwa member so near (I missed their concert last time) kekekeke ^^

  9. Thanks for all the hardwork you’ve put in to organise this whole filming event. ^^ It was really really fun filming and oh my, yes, i am going to be in the same drama as my no1 idol (even though i might not be seen~). I can even spot myself in the last picture haha!

    Oh by the way, what’s the name of the actress in white? She’s really pretty!!


  10. I’m sure everyone who are there yesterday must have a memorable experience and may be once in a lifeime, think how often would they come to Singapore to film again ? I hope they do as I want to be there if not for the flu and cough bug that got into me.Thanks for the update it seems interesting and I too hope to be able to see them on the location ,if they’re filming. Meanwhile have a nice time in Singapore and try our chilli and black pepper crabs and satay too.

  11. i already said this in the other post/twitter, but it was fun! my friends and i totally loved the togetherness during lunchtime when it felt like an ‘family’ indoor picnic with everyone. ^^

    thanks a lot for all your hardwork and effort in organizing this whole thing. ❤

  12. You, gals, are so blessed.. and yes, how many fans could ever say, OH I WAS THERE.. and some MIGHT EVEN BE SEEN on the drama.. I hope they dnt cut those scenes!

    Anyhow, I will be looking forward to your stories.. 🙂

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