[11.06.10] Myung-wol the Spy’s poster and promo stills (via Dramabeans)

AAAARGH SO CUTE. Article via Dramabeans.

Poster shoots were recently held for upcoming quirky romance Myung-wol the Spy, and my first impression is to laugh, which is always a good thing in a comedy, no? It’s looking pretty cute, with Eric, playing Mr. Big Hallyu Supa-star, cowering as he clings to North Korean undercover spy Myung-wol Han Ye-seul.

Bye-bye, Prince Charming and Daddy Long Legs, long live the scaredy-cat Beta Male! I loved this dynamic in My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho, so while the poster composition is looking a little familiar, I’m looking forward to the chemistry here. I’ve mostly seen Eric playing tough guys and badasses, but I know he’s got the comic side in him so I can’t WAIT to see how this plays out.

The second poster image includes Lee Jin-wook (Rivals), fresh out of the army and playing Han’s fellow spy. It doesn’t include the fourth leg of this romantic rectangle, Jang Hee-jin (2009 Hometown of Legends), but you can see her in the photo below, taken while the cast gave an interview on photo shoot day.

Jang plays a hotel heiress in a “Paris Hilton-esque” role who has to confront the rare scenario of not getting what she wants when both the men she’s been eyeing turn to Myung-wol instead. This means she’ll either be the irritating and meddling type of second lead, or amusingly antagonistic. I’m hoping for the latter, a la Lie To Me’s So-ran, since at least she provides laughs.

The promo stills below, released last week, show Myung-wol in action as a spy, while Eric looks his sharpest in his Hallyu star duds.

Eric explained that he finds a number of similarities between his character and his real self. His explanation makes me giggle, ’cause you’ve got to hear it in his dryly funny voice as he explains, “There’s the fact that we’re both singers and actors. In particular, we’re similar in appearance.” HA. He added, “But in real life I don’t treat people coldly like he does.”

Han described her character as differing from the usual image we have of North Korean spies from other works (no surprise, if you think back to Shiri or IRIS, where the ladies were badass and cold), and said, “She’s proficient in foreign languages, and represents a modern type of spy.” I guess that’ll give her a chance to speak English, which I enjoy because she’s the rare Korean star who is actually fluent in it.

All in all, Myung-wol the Spy is looking fresh and cute. The drama is part of the busy July drama lineup (which’ll replace May Madness), as it follows Baby-Faced Beauty on Mondays and Tuesdays. Its first episode airs on July 4.

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4 thoughts on “[11.06.10] Myung-wol the Spy’s poster and promo stills (via Dramabeans)

  1. I’m in love with this story… Spy Myung Wol is the best! Daebak! 🙂 I really love Eric and Ye Seul 🙂

  2. I can’t sleep for less than 8 hours to go and I will be seeing eric again in the filming of this movie in Singapore. I do hope that He will be in the mood and very approachable for Im so shy to come and say hello to him especially when the manager Mr Lee is on his side, I’m a bit scared of this guy, but i thank him so much for I know he is protecting Eric for any possible harm that will come. And also he is a good manager so I don’t have to whine about it. Regarding this series, I make sure that my friends in Korea will buy me a dozen of this drama, for not only it will make me happy but also of sentimental thing about it while filming, I’ve never been so much close to Eric except when I watched him shooting and taking a nap in the coffee bean while resting
    He is devastatingly HANDSOME even without make up and just came from the nap. Thank you so much KBS for coming here to Singapore, Eric and Mr Lee and all of the people I,ve met in the shooting, they don’t speak good english they are trying their best to explain it to you whatever questions I have

  3. Eric OPPA! HAHA :)) I am excited about this! Eric Oppa is really cute on the first teaser!

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