[11.06.05] Spy Myungwol releases teaser stills

Stills from the teaser of the upcoming KBS Mon-Tue drama “Spy Myungyol” has been released.

Han Ye Seul and Eric filmed the teaser promo set in the townhouse of Hallyu star Kang Woo (played by Eric), in a gallery house in Pyeongchang-dong on the morning of 3 June.

Eric plays Kang Woo, a top Hallyu star who dons Italian suits and drinks mineral water that has had gold and diamonds dipped in it; while Han Ye Seul plays Myungwol, a North Korean spy tasked with stopping the spread of the Hallyu Wave in North Korea.

Han Ye Seul demonstrated the image of a charismatic female warrior with her skilled sniper’s poise and her intense glare. On the other hand, she also had to pose as a high schoolgirl fan in order to get close to Kang Woo, and her cunning ways as she stakes out in front of Kang Woo’s house as a sasaeng fan (fans who stalk their idols 24/7) brought about much laughter on the set.

As a member of the pioneer idol group Shinhwa, Eric is a perfect fit for the role of South Korea’s biggest Hallyu star Kang Woo, further heightening the fans’ anticipation of his character.

The stage for the teaser filming was Kang Woo’s townhouse, a space that symbolizes the perfectionist and trend icon Kang Woo. The actual building used for the filming has received international architectural design awards.

After completing the filming of the teaser, Han Ye Seul and Eric rushed down to the KBS annex for the first script reading with the rest of the cast (which includes Lee Jin Wook, Jang Hee Jin, Lee Deok Hwa, Yoo Ji In and Jo Hyung Ki).

Particularly, for the scenes to be shot on location in Singapore, Eric and Han Ye Seul delivered their English lines with no Korean translation and with perfect enunciation, impressing the cast and crew who remarked that “it felt like we were watching a ‘live’ American drama”.

Lee Jin Wook also immersed himself into his character as a cool-headed and calm elite North Korean agent.

In addition, the production company also sought advice from North Korean defectors to help cast members such as Han Ye Seul and Lee Jin Wook with the delivery of their lines at the script reading, in order to make the drama more convincing.

Jang Hee Jin, who plays an arrogant heiress and actress in the drama, also delivered her lines with ease; while veteran actor Lee Deok Hwa eased everyone’s nerves with his jokes.

Jang Hee Jin plays the role of Joo In Ah, the heiress to Korea’s top hotel conglomerate who also happens to be a popular top actress as well. Joo In Ah has a strong and aggressive personality, and aims to own everything that she wants. She completes the love rectangle together with Choi Yoo (played by Lee Jin Wook). The two men that Joo Ah In sets her sights on – Choi Yoo and Kang Woo – are both in love with Myungwol instead.

“Spy Myungwol” is a romantic spy comedy that tells of the romance between the North Korean spy Myungwol (played by Han Ye Seul) and South Korean’s biggest Hallyu star Kang Woo, and will take over “Babyfaced Beauty” to air its first episode on 4th July.

Credits: Osen + NTN + Absolut Shinhwa

7 thoughts on “[11.06.05] Spy Myungwol releases teaser stills

  1. Thanks for the synopsis, it actually sounds very enticing! It’s only less than a month away before it starts airing!! 😀

  2. Wah~ July 4th for the first episode?! Things are really snowballing here! *hugs self in happiness*
    Can’t wait for the Engrish scene 😛

  3. I can’t wait for this drama!!! he’s so gorgeous!! thanks Su for this good news!!!

  4. sure the second outfit is a lil off.. but he is so good looking he pulls it of… YOU CANT BLAME ME FOR NOTHING!!

  5. Now I’m getting crazy about the series, I can’t stop grinding all over again. And to top it all, Eric my Kang Woo will come to shoot in singapore, ayyy it is indeed christmas in june for me, I already have a good present or the best present i ever had, seeing eric all over again will be my wish since i left bangkok last May, God has given me my wish and Thank you Lord for the opportunity of seeing Eric again. Thank you absolutshinhwa for giving info of my idol, more power to you all

  6. Thanks much for compiling different articles with this trans.
    The characters’ rolls & plot are much clearer now 😀

    I wasn’t sure why Spy Myung-wol’s mission has to be kidnapping Hallyu star Kangwoo for, now I got the answer kkkkk

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