[11.06.01] Eric to star in “Spy Myung-wol”

I sure hope it’s confirmed this time!! CAN’T WAIT FOR JULY!!!!


Shinhwa member Eric (Mun Jung Hyuk) has been cast as the male lead in the upcoming KBS drama “Spy Myungwol”. The titular character will be played by Han Ye-seul.

Having completed his mandatory military service last October, this drama will be Eric’s return to primetime drama after a 3-year hiatus since his last drama “Strongest Chil Woo.”

Eric had initially committed to the drama “Poseidon” late last year, but the production of the drama – originally scheduled for broadcast on SBS – was subsequently stopped due to problems relating to production fees. An industry insider said that Eric finally decided to take on the new Mon-Tue drama, slated to begin on 4 July, after a long round of consideration.

“Spy Myung-wol” tells of the story that unfolds when a female North Korean spy encounters a Hallyu star. Eric, himself being a Hallyu star in Japan, China and other countries, will play the role of the Hallyu star, Kang Woo, in the drama.

Credits: Hankooki + Absolut Shinhwa

8 thoughts on “[11.06.01] Eric to star in “Spy Myung-wol”

  1. Im really supper, super excited about this series. Its going to be a light drama or so and romance and comedy probably action and suspense because it’s a spy series, a combination of all ingredients that make a good story, wah can’t wait , our leadermin fits all to him. I will start counting the days now. I’m beginning to get restless. Eric fighting God bless

  2. I really hope this will be more of a quirky rom-com…. with Han Yeseul & Eric they can’t waste their awesome comic timing right?

    Trading elite marine man Kim Seon Woo for hallyu star Kang Woo, is a very pretty darn deal but I’ll miss Poseidon elite recuse team with shirtless men (okie or men in tight wet suit) running/swimming at sea LOL

    Can’t wait for this Spy Myung-wol to start filming and the flock of production stills to come 😀

      1. hello there…. nope I’m not Korean. I don’t really know A LOT about Eric but with a couple years of being fan + stalking everything Eric/Shinhwa related makes me quite current with his activities XDDD

        I’m sounding like a total stalker now eh? 😀

        1. hi phi, maybe from philippines? im just like you, addicted to mr. Mun, see how i capitalized his name the rest hmmp. Hope you will share more info about him. thanks for sharing your knowledge about him

  3. \(*^___^*)/…..Good ET news…wait for and looking for you in everything you ‘re you do Eric ssii…
    Let’s fly to The moon……..Supa LuV ^^

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