[11.05.29] Eric’s ideal woman is Kim Nam Joo

On the 21 May episode of KBS Entertainment Relay, Eric – after returning from 2 years of mandatory military service – was revealed to have taken on the new role of producer to new girl group Stellar.

At the filming location for Stellar’s new MV, the reporter asked Eric, who also features in the MV, when he was intending to get married. Eric replied, “I’d like to get married in my mid-30s. Maybe around 36-37?”

Then the reporter followed up with a question about his ideal type, Eric said that his ideal woman would be “someone like Kim Nam Joo sonbae”.

On the other hand, Eric also revealed that he was down with the flu bug. “After meeting the Shinhwa members recently, someone passed the flu virus to me. So I’m angry right now.”

Credits: BNTnews + Absolut Shinhwa

4 thoughts on “[11.05.29] Eric’s ideal woman is Kim Nam Joo

  1. hi there fans of eric, may i know who is Kim Nam Joo? Is she good looking that Park Shi Yeon? Just curious if she is worth to be with our Eric hehehe. And of course if she is worth waiting for ,hmmm

  2. Kim Nam Joo…a lucky lady! 😀 Wkwkwkw Shinhwa member passed the flu to him…. “Don’t be so angry with him, Eric-ssi!!” 😛

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