[11.05.16] Eric takes on new role of producer for new girl group Stellar

Armed with the skills and experience that he has amassed during his 13 years in the music industry, Shinhwa member and actor Eric (Mun Jung Hyuk, 32) has challenged himself with the new role of producing the debut album for a new 4-member girl group Stellar.

Besides producing for the album, Eric has also written the lyrics for Stellar’s debut track “Rocket Girl”, features on the rap for the track, and even made an appearance in the music video.

According to their management company, Eric has been taking time off to visit Stellar during their practice to give them tips on making a successful debut.

Stellar – comprising Kim Ga-young of KBS’ “1 Night 2 Days” fame; Lee Seul who participated in the Qualifications of Men choir; Jun Yul; and Jo Ah-ro – are preparing to make their debut in June.

Meanwhile, Eric is also busy with Shinhwa’s comeback activities next year and his upcoming fanmeetings in Thailand, Taiwan and Shanghai.

Credits: Mydaily + Star News + Absolut Shinhwa


3 thoughts on “[11.05.16] Eric takes on new role of producer for new girl group Stellar

  1. 2 of the members are from Top Class’s previous Honey Dew duo.
    can’t wait to see what’s in store for Stellar, good luck to them 😀

    Eric and the stache is LUUUUUV!!!!!

    1. eric you are really a talented person for doing all these project, I should say go for it, anything that will make yourself stable for the future of shinhwa company and your life. I wish you all the best and I will always keep a prayer to you. Please stay healthy and dont forget to give thanks to our Almighty God.

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