[11.05.10] Kim Dongwan, “Shinhwa’s group activities always felt like play”

It was more surprising than anyone else. In the cast list of the musical which will have its first show on 14th May, next to Choi Jae Woong, Jo Jung Suk and Kim Jae Wook, the name “Kim Dongwan” is there too. A member of Korea’s longest-running idol group Shinhwa, nicknamed “Samchon” (Uncle), he was a pioneer when he was already sporting toned muscles, tanned skin and stubble way before “beastly idols” became popular. Picking the story of a transgender rocker as his comeback project after his return from military service last December, this isn’t an adventure, but a gamble.

But having made his debut at a young age, Kim Dongwan has been running through his 20s without taking a breather, and learnt that, “When making choices, be cool-headed and self-centered; and after making your choice, be humble and work hard”. No matter whether it’s his first time in a musical, or tackling the extraordinary character of Hedwig, he’s not afraid. He says, “Although it’s a production where I can learn many things, I’m not thinking of this as a learning opportunity”. Instead, he will bring his confidence and put in his best efforts in his preparations to meet Hedwig.

According to Kim Dongwan, the “man who lives uprightly” who nagged at fans to “think of the future”, when he sees the younger idol singers these days, the first thought that comes to his mind is that “they’re cool”. “Actually I didn’t work that hard back then. The 1st album didn’t do well, so we worked very hard for the 2nd album. From the 3rd album onwards, I just played. And then I played for 10 years. (laughs)” But through Kim Dongwan’s reply we can see the secret to the longevity of Shinhwa, who are recently preparing to set up ‘Shinhwa Company’, and who are making plans for the comeback album next year when all members complete their military service. “Shinhwa’s group activties often felt like play to me. I get very nervous during my solo activities, and I often find it very difficult. Even now I don’t get nervous during our group activities. When you’ve been in showbiz long enough, while even family members sometimes treat you nicely, Shinhwa members don’t do that. Besides that group of guys, who else will joke around with me and be so mean to me. (laughs). That’s great.” From being an idol group member to becoming a solo singer, actor, public service officer, and now a musical actor, “Oppa-yam” Kim Dongwan takes on yet another new challenge. His full interview will be published on 11 May.

Credits: 10asia + Absolut Shinhwa


7 thoughts on “[11.05.10] Kim Dongwan, “Shinhwa’s group activities always felt like play”

  1. Dongwan’s comment concerning his Shinhwa’s activities takes a great interest, it reminds me of the quotation i once heard from the movie 3 idiots, “make your passion profession then works will be like playing”. Well, he really lives that quote during his Shinhwa days, good for you man!

  2. I know this is about dongwan,but still am taking this opportunity to credit 10asia for their AWESOME photography.

    Wannie looking so GOOD !!!!

  3. what can I say..SHINHWA members always made me proud ❤
    can't wait for the full article.
    Thanks for sharing 😉

  4. Thanks for all of them members of Shinhwa.
    I’m so great and so proud to know this news..
    And proud to talk about to another called me “SHINHWA CHANGJO”
    Shninhwa you’re the Best….jjang

  5. I don’t know if I would call it a gamble for picking up Hedwig roll but a daring adventure….. when one expand their horizon it’s always a winner to me.

    “Shinhwa’s group activties often felt like play to me…” ~ Dongwan makes it sounds so easy like a play at the park looool They’ve work hard for it…..

    can’t wait to for the full interview, and of course the photo spread that comes with it. Live Works artists always guarantee to have a nice article on 10asia for their major activities, just like they did a very nice one with Hyesung in 2009 😀

    1. I think so too! It is indeed a daring adventure that Oppa-yam wanted to take. I always adore him for trying out things outside his comfort zone, same as the other members:D

      I also thinking of that, a play in the park! I think the guys and their staffs thinking of it as a one big play! And we can see that they really enjoying it.

      “When you’ve been in showbiz long enough, while even family members sometimes treat you nicely, Shinhwa members don’t do that. Besides that group of guys, who else will joke around with me and be so mean to me. (laughs). That’s great.” I really love this part! I dont think anyone will dare to be so mean as in super mean with wannie Oppa except those dorks that he grew up with 😛

      Cant wait! Super excited!

  6. Shinhwa seem like a family to Dongwan, perhaps the members began at young age till now, they get together so well as a group its play and have fun during work.Which I think its important as making music its must be from the inner self and its comes from within.So the song will turn out great as its from the heart.I think Dongwqan learnt from Shinhwa to appreciate each other and stay faithful too.

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