Video message from Eric for Bangkok fanmeeting (LOOKING OH SO GOOD IT’S CRIMINAL)


HT to Phi

Credits: ONaround@YT

9 thoughts on “Video message from Eric for Bangkok fanmeeting (LOOKING OH SO GOOD IT’S CRIMINAL)

  1. remember this hair cut in their trip to japan where he is teasing hye sung and then hye sung hugs andy and mr mun is asking for a hug, my Goodness even my roommates really were amazed how handsome eric is, so manly even the way he walks and that voice will make you ahhhhhhhhhhh

  2. My goodness, who in the world will not love this guy? It” his hair cut that make me gaga all over again, He looks so dazzling and so manly in this cut. He is a bit heavier in this video but it suits him that so skinny looks so fresh agree? One thing more i notice to this handome boy, He wears accessories nowadays hehehe, dont care for as long as he never go under the knife all naturals.
    It”s my first time to see eric mun, according to all the Koreans I hv ask about him, that HE IS REALLY A GOOD LOOKING GUY, hah when they say that they mean it coz not only hteir mouth is talking but also their eyes and their heads are all agreeing with this, hmm I TOTALLY AGREE WITHOUT EVEN SEEING HIM IN PERSON, hahahaha. Eric you are one hell of a guy love you

  3. ^_______^….more than happiness …
    ERIC _/\_ and said Kob Khun Krap…in Thai kekekeke….so happiness lolol^____^
    Thanks !!!

  4. gorgeous…can’t even stop staring at him in pause mode…hehehe…if only i can grab him right now and never let go, i would…waaaaaaa… @-@

  5. Oh mine. Doesn’t he look healthy and handsome. Goodness, I love Eric with his clean cut. LOL.

  6. OMG!! fanself!!! he’s definitely gorgeous! So fly! So fresh! I lurrrvve this look !!! Lucky Thai fans!! 😛 yum yum

  7. GUSHING……

    OMG I still can’t believe this is the deal maker for you Sumi, how spontaneous!! 🙂
    Have fun in Bangkok and you better not be the run-way bride or else I’ll ever feel guilty XDD
    oh wait, not my fault, it’s the hawt guy’s in that vid fault hahahahaha

    Strange things you do to us Mr. Mun

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