[11.05.03] “Poseidon” heads into 5th month of production halt – is it still possible to resume?

Let’s just say I’m not keeping my hopes up for this anymore 😦 I do wish Leadernim will consider dropping this and quickly move on too… It has really been holding him back for too long now…

But I guess the delay has given him some free time to prepare for an album, so maybe that’s a blessing in disguise? I think all of us will just have to make the most out of this mess for now…


Filming for the drama “Poseidon” has not been able to resume since it came to a halt 4 months ago.

Hailed as Eric’s comeback drama, the production of “Poseidon” was put on hold after the Yeonpyeong-do incident last December, and has not been able to resume as it heads into May and nearly 5 months of production standstill.

A rep for one of the cast members expressed, “We’ve been told that filming will resume in early June. We’ve not heard of any other updates from the production company. We’ll have to wait until early June to see if filming does resume.”

After the production company had stated last December, “Filming has to be put on hold due to weather conditions but it should resume in March”, it went on to postpone the filming schedule without giving prior notice to cast members.

Part of the cast then decided to drop the drama and are now involved in other projects. However, it’s not easy even for cast members who are seeing through their contracts. The constant postponement of the filming schedule means that they are just wasting their time away.

The biggest reason behind the production standstill is that the drama has not been picked up by any broadcasters. “Poseidon” was initially being considered for the Mon-Tue primetime slot after “Midas” on SBS, but talks eventually fell through.

The production company is now apparently considering to pre-produce the drama.

Credits: Star News + Absolut Shinhwa

One thought on “[11.05.03] “Poseidon” heads into 5th month of production halt – is it still possible to resume?

  1. I really wonder if a contract is what’s holding Eric back from moving on to other projects like the rest of the casts….

    All the best to you Eric-ssi!!!

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